Replacement Earbud Tips in 2022: Our Recommendation

Replacement Earbud Tips in 2022: Our Recommendation

Finding the right replacement earbud tips for your earpiece could be an arduous task at first sight. But it doesn’t really have to be this way, and you can find the set of earbuds that perfectly fits your ear if you know where to turn your focus. In this article, I will provide you with five of the top replacement earbud tips in the market that suits many of the prominent brands around and help you select which is the best one for your earpiece.

Best Replacement Earbud Tips Recommendation

The following are some of the top earbud replacement tips brands that can give you the same quality as the premium ones and can fit nicely to your earbuds.

Li Excel Six Pairs Double Flange Compatible with Beats Fit Pro Ear Tips

This type of ear tip is referred to as a hybrid ear tip, and they’re characterized by what seems to be a round tip being overlapped by a smaller round tip, as you see in the image above. The primary advantage of this kind of ear tips is that they snugly fit the ear, while the other layer that’s shaped like an umbrella blocks the airflow that should give you a better sound experience.

And one of the best hybrid ear tips you can find in the market today is the Li Excel Flange Compatible. If you are especially fond of using Beats by Dr. Dre or Skull Candy, then the brand I have mentioned is specially designated to their size.

Liberty Pro Three Ear Tips Kit

Earbuds replacement tips are generally made of silicone plastic. The material is reliable and very hygienic, which makes it the ideal selection for many prominent brands. And probably the most common type of silicone ear tip you can find in the market is the rounded variety because the simple design makes it easier to clean.

If you are searching for replacement earbud tips with the highest quality, then you can check out the Liberty 3 Pro Ear Tips Kit. Although it’s specially designed for the said soundcore brand, it also fits perfectly well with almost any other earbud model in the market.

Symbio W Memory Foam Ear Tips

Memory foam earbuds are the ideal option for people looking for a type of earphone that delivers a noise-canceling effect due to earbud tip replacement tight-fitting. Although it has its similarities with the rounded variety of silicone earbuds, the memory is different in the sense that it is larger and softer to accommodate the ear size of the user.

And I am certain that you’d come up with the Symbio W Memory Foam Ear Tips if you search over the internet for the best memory foam earbuds tips replacement. And this is because aside from the apparent features of the model, it also has a vibrant aesthetic and is perfect for earphone users aiming for a youthful vibe.

JNSA Triple Flange Noise Cancelling Ear Tips

Another type of ear tip that can act as a noise-canceling material or can boost the noise reduction feature of the device is the triple flange replacement earbud tip. And the reason why they are more effective in reducing the noise pollution in your surrounding is that the triple layer of concentric circles is much nearer to your eardrums. And then the multiple flanges that snugly fit in your ear. It will block airflow going inside the canals.

And if you are interested in the flange ear tip, the best replacement tips for the job are the JNSA Triple Noise Cancelling Ear Tips. It is highly durable and affordable, and it is also suitable for any major brands in the market.

Liberty Three Pro Ear Wings Kit

An ear wing tip is apparently suitable if what you have is a hard plastic tip instead, and it will provide extra stability for your earbuds. Since the design and form of the tip are fixed and molded as it is, it could be very difficult to find the right tips that fit your earbud tips and your ears as well.

You have to check out the Liberty 3 Pro Ear Wings Kit if this is indeed your concern. Although it’s mainly designed for the Liberty Three Pro Earbuds, you will be happy to know that it fits most of the prominent brands as well. In addition, the ear tips are aesthetically pleasing, which will definitely suit whatever your style is.

Frequently Asked Questions about Replacement Earbud Tips

There are listed the most common concerns about replacement earbud tips—

How Do You Know What Size Earbud Tips to Get?

To get the size of your ear, the easiest way is to use your fingers to get the right fit. First, start with your smallest finger, and then move up to larger ones. Once you have identified which finger fits perfectly in your ears, use that finger to determine which ear tip is appropriate to your size.

Which is Better Silicone or Foam Ear Tips?

Each type of ear tip has its own benefits over the other. Soft silicone plastic is preferred by many manufacturers because of the lower operating cost. Plus, it is easier to clean and much more durable. On the other hand, the foam ear tips are perfect for boosting the noise reduction specification of the earbuds.


Since most earbud tips are made of soft silicone plastic, a typical ear tip that’s used every day is expected to start deteriorating as early as six months to a year, so you have to search for replacement ear tips for better usage.

Or you may just want to spice up your style and try different molds of earpieces which is why you’re shopping for an ear tip.

But whatever the case may be, the thought of replacing them may seem taxing, especially if the buds are from a premium brand, and challenging to find replacements.

The brands and models I have relayed in today’s topic are among the best ones that would fit any premium earbuds that you have, and it will all just rely on your replacement earbud tips preference.

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