Tips and Tricks on How to Fix Earbuds that Work on One Side

Tips and Tricks on How to Fix Earbuds that Work on One Side

If you’re here because you’re looking for a solution on how to fix earbuds that work on one side only, then you’d be glad to know that the article I have prepared for today is specially written just for your needs. A common dilemma that many smartphone owners experience is the sudden disconnection of one or both earbuds. Does it mean that the accessory is faulty, and can you fix earbuds that only work on one side?

In today’s article, we will provide you with the answers to why your earbuds are not working and how to fix one earbud not working.

Reasons for Earbuds Working on One Side

There are many reasons why only one earbud works. Thus, there may be several fixes on how to fix headphones no sound on one side.

Also, you have to bear in mind that the causes of the problem may vary depending on whether you’re using a wired or Bluetooth earphone. But for the sake of today’s topic, we will focus on Bluetooth earbuds first.

Here are some of the possible reasons why one of your earbuds stops working—

  • The very first thing you have to check is if your Bluetooth devices are properly set up because one of the earbuds might’ve been disabled for some reason. And you just have to set up the connectivity to fix headphones one side not working
  • In some smartphone brands’, especially in iPhone’s iOS, you may have to regularly update your drivers to accommodate contemporary technologies. You have to remember that newer models are only compatible with an updated OS
  • One pair might be broken, and you need to replace them and provide a solution to why one side of your headphone is not working
  • Your earbud brand might be incompatible with your smartphone, for that matter. An incompatible accessory software may be causing an error which explains why one of your earbuds is not working
  • Too many Bluetooth devices might be simultaneously connected to the smartphone
  • From complex to the more obvious. You might have at least turned off the Bluetooth accidentally, or the earbuds might have run out of battery

How to Fix Earbuds that Work on One Side

Now, you have the possible diagnosis of the problem and the answer to why only one of your earbuds is working. This blog will present to you what to do when one earbud stops working and enjoy your audio files immensely in this section.

Evaluate the Problem First

Many people are likely to rule out that the device is already broken in one way or another once they have experienced one earbud not working properly or no longer emitting sounds.

But before you jump to conclusions, you need to inspect your device of why one earbud does not work while the other one is working as it should be, or maybe both earbuds aren’t working at all.

There are tons of reasons for the earbuds malfunctioning, as I have mentioned earlier. Although you may not have the capability to diagnose the main problem, you can employ a few simple tricks on how to fix your earbuds with one side working.

Method of Fixing Bluetooth Earbuds that Work One Side Only:

As I mentioned in the previous section, there are many possible reasons why only one earbud is working or why your earbuds won’t work in general. Although it’s a bit of inconvenient and frustrating at times, the good news is that it’s not a hopeless case.

Below are the things you can employ to fix Bluetooth earbuds that work on one side only—

  • Before we pinpoint the diagnosis to a number of factors, we have to refer to the most obvious way to fix Bluetooth earbuds when only one side works, and that is to check if there’s a sufficient charge on one pair of the earbud
  • Try to forget all of the devices. Sometimes the problem in the topic of why only one side of your earbuds works is the bulk of cache from various Bluetooth devices. So the solution is to remove all Bluetooth devices and reconnect them
  • Try to draw closer to your device if you are out of the 30 or 33-meter range. Remember that Bluetooth isn’t similar to a WiFi, where it has a wider and more stable range
  • Clean the other pair to fix Bluetooth headphones when only one side works. Sometimes the earwax and dirt that have accumulated over the periods is the culprit
  • You may also have to check the audio file you’re listening to or the internet connection. Sometimes these factors are the reasons why one of the earbuds seems to malfunction
  • Another obvious way to fix one side of earbuds not working is to update the operating system of the phone
  • Last but not least is, try to reset the Bluetooth settings and remove all prior connections, similar to the first step of how to fix wireless earbuds that work on one side only

When to Buy a New Pair or Set of Earbuds

And after you have gone through the best possible solutions in order to fix a earbud that only one side works but with no success, then this is the time that you may need to replace your pair of earbuds with new ones.

If only one side has malfunctioned, you may purchase the exact copy of the brand you already have. However, let me remind you that the old one is bound to malfunction as well in the future since it has already deteriorated.

If you’re looking for earbuds that are high quality and reliable against the elements of everyday life, then you can check soundcore’s products. And probably the best one out there in the market is the soundcore Liberty 3 Pro, which is highly reliable, which means that it stands the test of time, and you essentially no longer have to worry about the issue of why your right earbud is not working.

Frequently Asked Questions about How to Fix Earbuds that Work on One Side

Below are additional common queries that an owner may have on how to fix earbuds that work on one side—

Why is Only One Side of your Headphones Working?

There are many possible reasons why earbud owners experience why the other side suddenly stops working, which include the following—

  • Outdated software
  • No battery
  • The Bluetooth setup might have been disabled
  • One pair might’ve been broken
  • Too any Bluetooth devices connected
  • It might’ve been turned off accidentally

How to Fix Earbuds that Work on One Side Wireless?

There are simple ways how to troubleshoot the issue, which include the followin—

  • Try charging the earbuds
  • Remove and reconnect the device
  • Draw closer to the smartphone
  • Clean the earbuds that are not working
  • Check the audio file if it’s faulty
  • Update the OS software
  • Reset the Bluetooth setting


I hope the article I have prepared for today has provided you with the answer you seek in answering the all-important question—why does only one of my earbuds work? And then, I hope it has given you the insights on how to fix earbuds one side not working.

As I explained in the beginning, it matters not to be hasty and that you have to evaluate your earbuds first before you decide to buy a new pair of earbuds. Once you have fully consummated the available solution, you can now try and shop for a new set of wireless earpieces.

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