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What is Transparency Mode on Earbuds?

To fully grasp what is transparency mode on earbuds, just visualize how you can listen to your favorite music in a crowded coffee shop while still keeping up with the noise around you. Transparency mode allows you to achieve dual hearing. There is no danger of being isolated from your environment due to sound filtering into your earbuds. This feature is an upgrade to the active noise-canceling feature in earbuds; rather than blocking out background noise, it filters such sound alongside the audio you are currently playing.

If you are keen on finding out what is transparency mode, learn about transparency mode on earbuds, and what transparency mode does. Keep reading to find your answers.

How Do Transparency Mode in the Earbuds Work?

Transparency Mode is one of the most exciting features in today's earbuds. It works by utilizing both an outward-facing microphone to pick up noises from the surroundings and artificial intelligence algorithms to manipulate them in real time. As soon as you activate Transparency Mode, your environment comes alive: you can hear conversations between people around you or the sound of traffic. This is achieved by combining external sounds with your music or podcast, allowing a balanced and natural listening experience without having to constantly change the volume or pause the music. Additionally, since Transparency Mode works through the earbuds' outward-facing microphone - rather than its internal microphone used for making calls - you never worry about deteriorating voice quality that could otherwise come with external noise manipulation.

What Does Transparency Mode Do?

With active noise-canceling (ANC), it is hard to hear the world around you once this feature is available. For transparency mode, instead of blocking out background noise, it allows it into the earbuds. With this feature, you can achieve dual hearing, listening to the audio from your earbud and noise from the outside world simultaneously.

It is at this point we see a clue to the question, what does transparency mode do? You can enjoy transparency mode when you need to be self-aware while still enjoying your favorite audio. These scenarios demonstrate what is transparency mode and its safety advantages:

  • You are working out in the gym but also striking up a conversation with a friend or gym buddy. With this feature turned on, you can hold a conversation while your favorite music plays.
  • You are waiting for an announcement but you want to spend the time nodding to your favorite track.
  • You are listening to music while on a train, bus, or airplane and want to stay alert to the happenings around you. That is a prime example of what is transparency mode.
  • You are walking along a busy street and you want to hear the noise around you while still listening to a podcast.

Which Earbuds Feature Transparency Mode?


The soundcore Liberty 2 Pro Upgraded Version is specially designed to fulfill all your listening needs. With the Liberty 2 Pro upgraded version, you get to enjoy transparency mode. It offers a dual listening opportunity for your audio and ambient sounds in your surrounding. To use this feature, long-press the right earbud or use the soundcore app to enter Transparency mode.

One amazing feature inherent in this design is its Hi-Res Audio Wireless certified and LDAC technology. This enables three times more data to be transmitted and allows for an optimized listening experience. A customized Knowles balanced armature driver produces intricate detail and harmonizes the treble and bass sound.

When using the Liberty 2 Pro upgraded version, your music appreciation is heightened as there is an expansive soundstage that represents every instrument perfectly. This earbud is highly personalized as it can create a sound setup that matches your hearing profile and also enable you to add your favorite genre using HearID 2.0.

You can also top up the charging case using a fast-charging USB-C cable or a wireless charger. Worried about your battery life, 15 minutes in the charging case gives you up to 3 hours of listening. If you are going to get the Liberty 2 Pro upgraded Version, it comes with varying sizes of liquid silicone Earwings and Eartips to give you a chance of finding the perfect ear fit.


  1. Astria Coaxial Acoustic Architecture
  2. Ultimate Hi-Res Experience
  3. Transparency Mode feature
  4. Up to 7 hours of playtime
  5. Multiple silicone Earwings and Eartips for the perfect fit.
  6. Deeper bass, sparkling treble
  7. An aesthetically pleasing charging case

FAQ on What is Transparency Mode

Does Transparency Mode Make A Difference?

The goal of transparency mode is to allow outside sound in while still retaining the original sound. You can go ahead and make real-life interactions while still listening to your music.

Can You Still Hear Music In Transparency Mode?

The answer is yes! However, unlike normal playback settings, the volume level of your music will be lower so that other sounds from your surroundings can be heard as well.

Can You Hear Better With Transparency Mode?

Yes, you can. With the transparency mode of ANC earbuds, you can listen to music or audio on your earbuds while still actively involved in real-time conversations or happenings around you.


A good earbud should produce great audio and call quality, be a great fit for better hearing and have the ability to offer great sounds without compromising on background noise. If you want to discover what is transparency mode, and enjoy your favorite podcast or music while paying attention to things around you, you should get a fitting earbud like the soundcore Liberty 2 Pro Upgraded Version.

Transparency mode on earbuds is an added feature that gives you better sound quality. Aside from its audio quality, it offers a safe option while listening to your favorite songs. With this addition, you are getting the best of both worlds in a sleek design.

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