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A Guide to Choosing the Best Headphones for Calls

If you are a frequent caller, you must have thought of buying the best headphones for calls to enhance your communication experience. Having a good pair of headphones can cut out background noise during calls and do wonders for audio quality and clarity.

In this comprehensive review, we delve into the top five contenders that redefine the conversation game, ensuring crystal-clear communication in every call. In addition, we’ll list the essential factors to have in mind when seeking the best headphones for calls. Whether you're a professional navigating virtual meetings or a casual caller seeking premium audio, this guide has you covered. Dive in now!


5 Best Bluetooth Headphones for Calls 2024

Here is our list of best headphones for phone calls to ensure seamless communication in every conversation:

soundcore Space One



The soundcore Space One headphones offer 2X stronger voice reduction than the Life Q30 model, providing uninterrupted calls with up to 98% ambient noise reduction. Featuring adaptive noise-canceling technology, these headphones provide clear, Hi-Res audio through their robust 40mm dynamic drivers. Additionally, the dependable battery delivers up to 40 hours of use with ANC activated and 55 hours with ANC turned off. These best headphones for zoom calls also feature 8° rotating ear cups, a soft integrated headband, and 5 levels of adjustable transparency, making them a comfortable and customizable audio solution.

soundcore Space Q45



The soundcore Space Q45 headphones boast an enhanced noise-canceling system that diminishes ambient noise by up to 98%, guaranteeing uninterrupted calls no matter where you are. With adaptive noise-canceling technology, you can customize your audio experience to suit any environment, making every space your own. Boasting an ultra-long 50-hour playtime, these headphones are perfect for travelers or those who require extended use, while delivering sound with exceptional detail for immersive communication. Moreover, the secure and comfortable fit ensures all-day wearability, while the TCO Certified stamp underscores its commitment to better sustainability. All the merits above make the soundcore Space Q45 the best wireless headphones for making calls. 

JBL Tune 760NC

The JBL Tune 760NC headphones offer a deep and powerful bass sound, reproducing the same JBL sound found in big venues for over 70 years. They have a 35-hour battery life with active noise canceling and a 2-hour quick recharge time. These best wireless headphones for calls also feature hands-free calls and voice control, allowing users to easily manage calls and trigger voice assistants. Their active noise canceling feature allows users to tune in to their music while reducing noise. Lastly, the lightweight and compact design makes them ideal for travel.

Sennheiser Accentum

The Sennheiser Accentum is a portable, ergonomic, foldable speaker with a 50-hour battery life, offering immersive sound with HD stereo, built-in 5 Band EQ, and customizable modes. It features Active Noise Cancellation for music immersion and Transparency Mode for surroundings awareness. The 2-mic beamforming technology ensures clear, crisp communication during calls or voice commands. In addition, the lightweight, discreet design with a soft touch silicon-lined headband elevates style while providing a secure fit. Finally, the speaker's lightweight design and robust build make it a stylish choice for any listening experience. Indeed, this is one of the best headphones for work calls.

Apple AirPods Max

The Apple AirPods Max is a high-fidelity audio device with an Apple-designed dynamic driver and computational audio, combining custom acoustic design with the Apple H1 chip and software. It features Active Noise Cancellation, Transparency mode, and Personalized Spatial Audio for an immersive listening experience. The AirPods Max, one of the best Bluetooth headphones for voice calls, features a knit-mesh canopy and memory foam ear cushions, ensuring an outstanding fit. It has a long battery life of up to 20 hours with Active Noise Cancellation and Personalized Spatial Audio enabled. Furthermore, the Digital Crown allows users to play and pause music, answer calls, control volume, and skip between tracks. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing Headphones for Calls

Choosing the right headphones for calls can significantly enhance your communication experience. To help you make an informed decision, here are the key factors to consider:

  1. Noise Cancellation: Effective noise cancellation is crucial for clear calls, especially in noisy environments. Look for ANC headphonesto minimize background sounds. This ensures that your voice is heard clearly by the person on the other end. 
  1. Microphone Quality: A high-quality microphone is essential for capturing your voice accurately. Opt for headphones with micsthat feature noise reduction and clarity enhancement. This helps to deliver a more natural and professional sound during calls. 
  1. Battery Life: Long battery life is important, particularly if you have extended calls or use your headphones throughout the day. Choose the best calling headphones that offer substantial battery longevity, such as 30 hours or more on a single charge. This ensures you won't be interrupted by a dying battery mid-conversation.
  1. Comfort and Fit: Comfort is key for prolonged use, so consider the design and fit of the headphones. Look for models with adjustable headbands, cushioned ear cups, and lightweight materials. A comfortable fit reduces fatigue and allows for extended wear without discomfort.
  1. Connectivity and Range: Reliable connectivity is vital for maintaining stable call quality. The best Bluetooth headphones for calls have a strong and consistent connection with a good range, typically up to 30 feet or more. This allows you to move freely without losing the connection to your device.


What type of headphones is best for calling?

The best type of headphones for calling is one that offers excellent noise cancellation, high-quality microphones, and a comfortable fit. Over-ear and on-ear headphones with built-in microphones and advanced noise-canceling technology are ideal for ensuring clear communication in various environments.

Can wireless headphones be used for phone calls?

Yes, wireless headphones can be used for phone calls. Many modern wireless headphones come with built-in microphones and Bluetooth connectivity, allowing for seamless hands-free calling and clear audio quality.

Do noise-cancelling headphones work for phone calls?

Yes, noise cancelling headphones work effectively for phone calls. They reduce ambient noise, ensuring that your voice is clear to the listener and that you can hear the caller without distractions, making them highly beneficial for calls in noisy environments.


Finding the best headphones for calls is crucial for ensuring clear and uninterrupted communication, whether for professional or personal use. By exploring the 5 best headphones for conference calls in 2024, you can discover the latest models that offer superior sound quality, advanced noise cancellation, and long-lasting comfort. Additionally, understanding the key factors will help you make an informed decision tailored to your specific needs. Armed with this knowledge, you can enhance your calling experience and stay connected seamlessly.

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Space One | Active Noise Cancelling Headphones


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Life Q30 | Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Headphones


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Space One | Active Noise Cancelling Headphones
  • 2X* stronger voice reduction *Compared with soundcore Life Q30 headphones
  • Reduce noise by up to 98%* with adaptive noise cancelling *Tested by soundcore under laboratory conditions
  • Crisp, Hi-Res sound via 40mm dynamic drivers
  • Worry-free battery (40H ANC on, 55H ANC off)
  • 8° rotating ear cups and soft integrated headband for all-day comfort
  • 5 levels of adjustable transparency to tune your world
  • TCO Certified: For Better Sustainability
Space Q45 | Long-Lasting Noise Cancelling Headphones
All-New Noise Cancelling Headphones with 50-Hour Playtime
  • Upgraded noise cancelling system reduces noise by up to 98%
  • Make every space your own with adaptive noise cancelling
  • Ultra-long 50-hour playtime for travel
  • Sound with exceptional detail
  • Secure and comfortable fit
  • TCO Certified: For Better Sustainability

soundcore C30i | Open-Ear Clip Earbuds with Secure Fit
  • Breathable Comfort: Enjoy unparalleled comfort with soundcore C30i open ear earbuds, expertly crafted for breathability and featuring a secure clip-on design. Listen to your favorite tunes with freedom and extra comfort.
  • Designed for a Secure Fit: Constructed from innovative, non-deforming hard-shell material, our clip on headphones are meticulously designed to retain their shape for a consistently secure fit, no matter how much you use them.
  • Attach for Enhanced Stability: Revolutionize your listening experience with our cutting-edge attachable ear grips, specifically designed to ensure your clip on headphones stay securely in place, regardless of workout intensity.
  • Clear Audio: soundcore C30i boasts expansive 12mm × 17mm racetrack drivers. Coupled with a titanium-coated diaphragm, you can enjoy clear audio, even with open-ear listening.
  • Water-Resistant: Built with an ultra-fine mesh and a protective nano-coating, soundcore C30i open ear earbuds offer IPX4 water resistance. Tackle any outdoor pursuit with clip-on headphones that are ready for anything.
Sport X20 | Comfortable In-Ear Sport Earbuds with Hook
All New Workout Earbuds - Elevate Your Fitness Journey
  • Flexible Fit: Sport X20 workout earbuds come equipped with adjustable ear hooks that can be extended and rotated for a comfortable and secure fit. Up to 30 degrees rotation and 4mm extension, customize the position to fit you perfectly.
  • Get More Focus: Sport X20 workout earbuds deliver powerful noise cancelling, turning loud gyms into peaceful areas. Block out distracting sounds—from clanging weights to loud grunts. Manual adjustment and adaptive ANC keep you focused on your fitness goals.
  • Pump Up Your Bass: Experience the pulse-pounding thrill of soundcore's BassUp technology, fueled by powerful 11mm dynamic drivers. Elevate your audio adventure to take your motivation to a new level.
  • Everything-Proof Design: The sport earbuds' unique cavity design and soundcore exclusive SweatGuard technology create a submarine-inspired seal that protects the internal components against damage from water, sweat, and dust. Move without fear.
  • Durable Battery Life: Sport X20 workout earbuds deliver a remarkable 12-hour battery life off a single charge, extending to 48 hours when using the charging case. With the fast charge feature, you can jump into your exercise routine without delay.
    soundcore V30i | Open-Ear Earbuds
    • Ultra Comfortable: Experience the lightweight comfort of our open-ear headphones. Featuring a non-intrusive design and soft, flexible ear hooks for a perfect fit—ensuring that you can wear them all day without discomfort.
    • Enhanced Awareness: Remain aware of your surroundings, such as public transit announcements and oncoming cars. Stay in touch with the world around you thanks to the open design of soundcore V30i open-ear headphones.
    • Open Listening, Robust Bass: soundcore V30i open-ear headphones feature a 14.2mm bio-material diaphragm that emboldens bass for an audio experience that always hits the right beat.
    • IPX5 Water Resistant with SweatGuard: soundcore V30i uses nano-coating and a unique chamber design for complete protection. Crafted to ensure that critical areas, such as the chipsets and battery compartment, remain sealed.
    • All-Day Companion: Enjoy 12 hours of play on a single charge, extending to a total of 36 hours with the charging case. Better yet, a quick 10-minute charge delivers an impressive 3 hours of listening.
    • Products with electrical plugs are designed for use in the US. Outlets and voltage differ internationally and this product may require an adapter or converter for use in your destination. Please check compatibility before purchasing.
    • TCO Certified: For Better Sustainability.
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