What Are Audiophile Headphones?

What Are Audiophile Headphones?

With the advent of better headphone technology, the market is slowly saturated by products with great features but less sound quality. And this is where audiophile headphones come in.

Unlike traditional ones, audiophile headphones give priority to audio quality over features. However, while some features are lacking, audiophile headphones are surely not to be scoffed at. Their high-fidelity listening experience includes deep bass, clear and balanced sounds, and airy mid-to-high frequencies. Hence, these headphones will be the best if you really want to immerse yourself in gaming and entertainment. So, if you are looking to buy your own audiophile headphone, continue reading below to know the hottest ones that you could pick.

What are audiophile headphones that sound best?

Are audiophile headphones good for gaming, work, entertainment, etc.? The answer is a definitive yes. Audiophile headphones produce sound accurately, giving you the experience of listening directly from live. But the best audiophile headphones are those that provide a better bass response. And the bass response is different for each.

Learn the different types of bass headphones below.

  1. Bass Canon headphones

Headphones emitting booming bass are frequently referred to as bass cannons or headphones. Audiophiles and music fans sometimes refer to them as "bass cannons" because of their incredibly strong bass. Here, the bass is highly percussive, dark, bright, and vibrant.

  1. Bassy headphones

Bassy headphones, of the three kinds, are of the lowest quality. They are like normal headphones, albeit with better bass. But this bass response lacks the vividness, energy, and strength typical of the Bass canon and HiFi headphones.

  1. HiFi bassy headphones

Of the three, HiFi bassy headphones are the clear "winner." It simply stands out as it combines the best of the two worlds. It gives a fun and rich experience while maintaining a rich and refined bass response that is comparatively less muddy than that of bass canons. Hence, it is unsurprising that this is a clear favorite among audiophile headphone fans.

How To Choose the Best Audiophile Headphones for You

Are audiophile headphones worth it? They sure are, but choosing something that is not best for you will dilute that. Choosing one that would go best for you could be tricky as you need to balance several things. So, to help you, here are some things you need to consider.

  1. Purpose

Depending on your purpose, your audiophile headphones should be different. If you want to focus on music, over-ear wired headphones will be the best, as they offer a balance of musicality and precision. On the other hand, if you want a more hi-tech one that provides clearer sounds paired with noise-canceling features, you should opt for audiophile cans.

  1. Amplifier

The source affects the quality of sounds, and some audiophile headphones would sound better if there were a quality amplifier.

  1. Location

Where are you going to use it? This question should be clear, as wired and open-back headphones are only good for listening at home and in the office. On the other hand, they are not that ideal to be used in the gym or while traveling since the wire can be a nuisance.  

Recommendation On Some Best Audiophile Headphones

What are the best audiophile headphones? To help you answer that question, here is a selection of audiophile headphones that you can choose from.

1. soundcore Life Q10

If you are craving deep bass and hi-res certified sound then soundcore Life Q10 could be your next favorite. It has exceptional sound quality, and as proof, it has a Hi-Res logo which is only given to audio devices capable of producing the most accurate representation of what the artist intended. The bass technology of this one likewise increases the bass experience as it can analyze your audio’s low frequency and consequently increase the bass in real-time.

2. soundcore Space Q45

Available in shades of black and blue, soundcore Space Q45 is surely one of the best audiophile headphones you can get your hands on. It has a noise canceling feature that could reduce noise up to 98%. It is wireless and has double-layer diaphragm drivers that give a clear, vivid, exquisite, and bright with strong bass, truly unlike any other.

3. soundcore Life Q20

Another superb headphone that you could choose is the soundcore Life Q20. This headphone has the features of Life Q10 with additional features absent from the former. This is likewise Hi-Res Audi certified so you are assured of quality audio output. Moreover, this wireless headphone features the same bass technology that can increase and strengthen the bass output in real-time based on the analysis result of your audio’s low frequencies. This audiophile headphone also has a sensible weight and a comfortable build for both ears.

4. soundcore Life Q35

If you want a full-bodied, detailed, and powerful sound coupled with an agile bass without forking too much, then go for this one. soundcore Life Q35 has the Gold Standard of Sound. It can reproduce sound and music in a wider frequency while maintaining the quality, hence it is Hi-Res Audio certified.


Do Audiophile Headphones Make a Difference?

Audiophile headphones give better bass compared to traditional ones. This means clearer sounds and a more vivid experience.

Are Audiophile Headphones Good for Music Listening?

Given the better bass, audiophile headphones are undoubtedly the best thing to be used in listening to music. Audiophile headphones focus on audio quality, so users can expect a better listening experience while using them.


Headphones are convenient tools for listening but using the Audiophile type could make the experience better. As more people become concerned with "audio quality," the popularity of audiophile headphones will surely increase. Unlike the traditional ones that compete with the number of features, audiophile headphones focus on audio quality, making them ideal for immersion, hence, a better choice for gaming and entertainment.


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