Loudest Bluetooth Speaker

    Loudest Bluetooth Speaker

    soundcore delivers the loudest Bluetooth speaker with the least amount of sound quality compression, filling capacious and crowded places with ease.

    Loudest Bluetooth Speaker

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    • Let the Loudest Bluetooth Speaker Blow Your Mind

      The loudest Bluetooth speaker is able to produce a resounding and booming voice no matter where you are, in a closed-off space or spacious outdoors. And you can take it around easily due to the built-in Bluetooth system, listening to your favorite music everywhere. soundcore Bluetooth speakers are equipped with up to 103 high dB levels and a professional stereo sound system, allowing you to play songs at maximum volume with ultra-low distortion, not to mention crystal clear audio, which brings you unforgettable music feast. The powerful battery that soundcore adopts empowers you to use the loudest portable Bluetooth speaker for at most 24 hours. No more worries about frequent charging problems.
      soundcore utilizes an oversized passive radiator and the enhanced Bass-up technology to guarantee the acoustic effect of the Bluetooth speakers: bass more thumping, mid and treble better clearing, audio fidelity less reduced, thereby creating a more natural surrounding sound environment. The latest Bluetooth technology is established within soundcore wireless speakers, together with a large range of up to 20 meters, ensuring you an extremely stable connection, saving you from annoying intermittent voice and audio delay. With up to the IPX7 waterproof rate, the fully-waterproof casing of the soundcore loud Bluetooth speaker with bass makes it possible to even immerse the loudest Bluetooth speaker entirely in the water, satisfying your need to listen anywhere to the greatest extent.

    • FAQ about Loudest Bluetooth Speaker

      Can I make my Bluetooth speaker louder?

      Yes, you can amplify the volume of your loud Bluetooth speaker with bass. First of all, make sure that your source device is turned up to full volume. If you still want your bass speaker to be louder, try the methods below:
      -Check the equalizer settings on your devices through Settings > Sounds and Vibration.
      - Place the speaker in a corner or against the wall. But not too close.
      - Avoid placing your wireless speaker around metal objects, which would cause interference.
      - Not to put your speaker directly on the floor in case the sound gets absorbed.
      - Connect your playing device to multiple speakers.

      How loud should a Bluetooth speaker be for a party?

      It would be best if you could control the decibel(dB) of the loud speakers for party under 80 dB. Decibel means the intensity or the level of a sound, which will have a different effect depending on the location:
      - For indoor parties, the ideal range is no more than 50 or 60 dB, which is already loud enough over most other noises.
      - For outdoor parties, the ideal range is no more than 70 or 80 dB, otherwise, your ears may feel uncomfortable being exposed to such a loud environment.
      Just note that an appropriate dB level will mobilize the party atmosphere, whereas a wrong level might ruin the ambiance or hurt your hearing.

      What is the loudest portable Bluetooth speaker?

      soundcore portable Bluetooth speakers deserve a mention here. Because it prepares the loudest Bluetooth speakers with up to 98 dB of rich sound, ensuring you a wide range of volume choices, even if you are having fun outside or want a rave volume. The extended deep bass and clear treble are pluses, as we all know that a loud voice always comes with distortion. Designed with a lightweight, minimalist appearance, soundcore wireless speakers feature portability and are waterproof for you to be assured of carrying them around and enjoying your music anywhere you prefer.