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Spirit Dot 2

True Wireless Sport Earphones with Composite Drivers and BassUp™ Technology for Thumping Bass
  • Thumping Bass: Spirit Dot 2’s composite driver is surrounded by an elastic, bass-maximizing material to increase bass output by up to 100%.
  • Fully Sweatproof and Waterproof: Spirit Dot 2 true wireless earbuds boast IPX7-rated protection that’s strengthened by exclusive SweatGuard technology
  • Zero-Pressure AirWings: Our unique hollow AirWings have a flexible, soft silicone build that partially deflates to conform to the shape and size of your ears for a secure fit with unmatched comfort.
  • Compact Fit: Spirit Dot 2 true wireless earbuds are ultra-small and 20% slimmer* to ensure they fit comfortably and discreetly in your ears
  • MCSync True-Wireless Connection Technology: Latency is reduced by up to 30% and you’re able to switch between using two earbuds or a single one effortlessly.

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Spirit Dot 2

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    Thumping Bass

Our exclusive BassUp technology uses an algorithm to analyze and intensify the bass in real-time. And it’s paired with Spirit Dot 2’s bass-enhancing drivers for workout-fueling music.

    IPX7 Waterproof Protection

In addition to IPX7-rated waterproof protection, Spirit Dot 2 also features our exclusive SweatGuard technology. It protects the true wireless earbuds via our advanced sealing process and coating technology that can stop even sweat vapor from breaching the casing.

    Touch Control

Use the built-in touch control on Spirit Dot 2’s to conveniently answer calls or play, pause, and skip music.

   Superior Link

Spirit Dot 2 true wireless earbuds utilize an LDS antenna and Bluetooth 5 to create a strong connection for skip-free audio.

    Individual Connections

Dual transmitters ensure each earbud can connect to your phone individually for up to 30% lower latency—perfect when watching videos on your phone. It also allows you to choose either one of the wireless earbuds and automatically use in mono mode.

    What’s In The Box

Spirit Dot 2 true wireless earbuds come with 5 sizes of EarTips and 3 sizes of AirWings to give you the freedom to find a combination that fits you perfectly. A USB-C cable is also provided to charge the charging case.


Customer Reviews

Based on 82 reviews
Quality Product With Excellent Support!

Even though these buds are advertised at having "deep bass" I didn't find that to be true. They reproduce excellent highs and have great mid-range performance, though. I must say I haven't found ANY Earbuds that can match the bass provided by over-the-ear headphones (but I'm going to keep trying), so don't let the lack of deep bass dissuade you from buying these. The overall sound quality is superb.
Anker provides plenty of different tips and wings so you can achieve a good fit; indeed shaking my head wildly did not dislodge these buds. They fit well, are comfortable and don't stick out, plus they look pretty cool, too.
A good fit helps with the noise cancelation, but again any pair of earbuds will always be limited in the amount of ANC they can offer, and these are no different.
They come with a charging pod that resembles a polished, oval river stone and you can extend your wear time by popping them in the case between charges. Battery life is very good, and I've used them for 6 hours with power to spare.
I had a problem with my first pair of these and I can't praise ANKER's product support enough. They worked with me and rapidly replaced them because I experienced great difficulty pairing them to my devices. The second pair function perfectly and I can quickly pair them with any of my devices, albeit only one at a time.
Great product support equals a great company in my mind, and I have no reason to switch companies. I own ANKER speakers, charging cables, a power bank and other stuff, and will no doubt add other ANKER devices to my collection in the future.
Regarding phone usage, I don't usually use them for phone calls, but when I have, they functioned well, with no problems to report.
In summation, if you're looking for a decently-priced pair of buds from a great company, these are the buds for you!

Good initially, then too hard to clean.

Great sound initially, but waxed up and unable to clean after ~2 weeks. Audio quality is now poor and half volume. Tried all my usual tricks, no luck. These are particularly hard to clean. Have had 8 different meat buds through the years. All lasted ~6mo-1year. These have become less than satisfactory after too short a time period to have been worth it.

—A disappointed not-that-waxy whiner.

Tawni Romero
For the price; fit and sound quality are awesome

Best fitting earbuds I’ve owned. They fit almost too good, and can be a bit of a challenge to remove at times. Sound quality is great.

Pamela j spencer
Well worth the money!

I was pleasantly surprised they sound great !

So far so good!

Easy to use—great fit and solid sound!


Product Name Spirit Dot 2 Spirit X2 Liberty Neo Liberty Air 2 Liberty 2 Pro
Sound Epic bass via composite drivers with elastic, bass-maximizing surrounding Epic bass via 12mm composite driver with BassTurbo acoustic design Expertly-tuned sound via graphene drivers Premium sound via diamond-inspired drivers In-ear studio performance sound via 11mm Astria Coaxial Acoustic Architecture drivers
Waterproof & Sweatproof IPX7 + SweatGuard Technology IP68 + SweatGuard Technology IPX7 IPX5 IPX4
Design AirWing patented design for ultra-comfortable fit, mini buds, and touch control Earhook design for ultra secure fit Rock-solid fit with GripFit technology, Ultra-lighweight Touch control Universal comfort with liquid-silicone EarTips and EarWings
Playtime Per Charge 5.5 Hours 9 Hours 5 hours 7 Hours 8 Hours
Total Playtime with Charging Case 16 Hours 36 Hours 20 hours 28 Hours 32 Hours
Bluetooth Bluetooth 5 Bluetooth 5 Bluetooth 5 Bluetooth 5 Bluetooth 5
Single Earbud Use Yes, left and right earbuds via MCSync technology Yes, left and right earbuds Yes, right earbud only Yes, left and right earbuds Yes, left and right earbuds
Calls 2 microphones 2 microphones with cVc 8.0 uplink noise reduction 2 microphones 4 microphones with cVc 8.0 uplink noise reduction 4 microphones with uplink noise reduction
App No No No Yes Yes
Other Features BassUp technology, passive noise isolation Qualcomm aptX, dual EQ with BassUp technology BassUp technology, HearID personalized sound, wireless charging, Qualcomm aptX HearID personalized sound, wireless charging, Qualcomm aptX
Recommended For Workout, gym, sports, commute, travel, sleep Workout, gym, sports, commute, travel Commute, travel, sports Commute, business calls Entertainment, commute, travel


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