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TV Speakers

soundcore TV speakers empower you to connect to TV lightly and listen to natural stereo sound delightfully.

TV Speakers

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  • Dive into Home-theater Audio Atmosphere with soundcore TV Speakers

    TV speakers are external speakers that aim to enlarge the volume dimension of your television set for you to hear all the details. soundcore TV speakers introduce the most advanced technologies to create a home theater-like surround sound environment, satisfying your listening needs to the largest extent. With the portable appearance, IPX7 waterproof casing, and the strong connection of Bluetooth, you may place the speaker anywhere and enjoy your favorite TV shows as you prefer, instead of being restrained in front of the TV. In addition, the extended battery life guarantees the playtime to be at least 12 hours continuously.
    With reinforced bass-up technology, soundcore TV speakers not only amplify sound merely but also strengthen the deep bass thoroughly by professionally analyzing digital signals and improving bass frequencies. soundcore wireless speakers for TV enable you to create stereo sound by pairing your Bluetooth device with 2 speakers at the same time, which, plus the full-direction audio emission design, brings you double joy. The illumination modes offered by soundcore TV speakers give you access to customize your own LED show utilizing 5 lighting modes and 8 colors without worrying about power consumption due to the long-lasting battery.

  • FAQ about TV Speakers

    Can I buy wireless speakers for TV?

    Yes, you can buy a TV speaker bar or a Bluetooth TV speaker which provides a surround sound system for TV. A TV sound system requires built-in Bluetooth. You can easily connect your TV speakers with the devices as long as your TV comes with Bluetooth capabilities. Otherwise, you will have to get a Bluetooth transmitter which gives you access to connect to the TV’s output audio.

    What TV speakers are the best?

    soundcore TV speakers. soundcore delivers stunning 360° stereo speakers with quality material which makes the TV sound system not only enhanced in acoustic effects but also durable. soundcore speakers apply the latest bass-up technology to intensify the deep bass and thus offer you a remarkable surround soundscape. Besides, a minimalist appearance design is adopted by soundcore for users to effortlessly match it with home decoration and position it.

    How do I connect my TV to Bluetooth TV speakers?

    Connecting TVs to Bluetooth TV speakers is never difficult when your TV supports Bluetooth. Just follow the guide below:
    ●Turn your TV on, and set up the Bluetooth by going Setting>Sound>Sound Output. A list of Bluetooth will appear subsequently.
    ●Switch on your wireless speakers for TV, and set it in pairing mode.
    ●Your speaker’s Bluetooth will be identified by your TV. Simply click its name to connect.
    Note: Once your portable Bluetooth speaker has been connected to the device, it’ll be connected automatically next time.