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Is It Bad to Sleep with Headphones On?

Many people have a rough time sleeping in loud environments, and listening to soothing music on headphones is a popular method to block outdoor noises. Soothing music, like piano and white noise, can also help individuals relax before dropping off to sleep by lowering the heart rate and relieving stress.

But is it safe to sleep with headphones? Or maybe you are running the risk of causing damage to your ears even when you're not listening to music? Experts reiterate and debunk why sleeping with headphones can be safe if you have the right kind of headphones and you keep the volume at a lower level.


Why Do People Sleep with Headphones?

When people listen to music while sleeping, it can quickly end up being a routine if the results are excellent and positive. Music helps to promote a night of deep and quality sleep, given that you wisely pick the right tunes that will make you feel relaxed and hassle-free. Putting your earphones on before sleeping might signal the body that it's time to sleep. Because they have trained their bodies to sleep when used on, it is much simpler to sleep when individuals put their earphones on.

Have You Thought If It Is Bad to Sleep with Headphones On?

Can you sleep with headphones on? Yes, enjoying a good night's sleep while wearing headphones is possible. Going to sleep with a music on your ears has a lot of advantages for your holistic self, such as:

  • Relaxation: A wide range of studies reveal that listening to the ideal type of music induces a relaxation response in your body. It decreases your breathing and heart rate, enabling you to let go of the tensions and stress of the day and fall into a deep sleep rapidly.
  • Noise-free bedtime environment:Sleeping with headphones shuts out loud and excessive noises that can keep you up all night. A good headphone needs to be able to eliminate traffic noises if you're in the city or your partner snoring like a speaker next to you.
  • Dopamine-enriched habit:Your brain also launches dopamine when you listen to anything you like, including music. This natural enriched chemical helps you feel good so you can fall straight to your bed and sleep more easily.

Is sleeping with headphones bad? When headphones are misused, they can cause harm to your ears. The following are some disadvantages and side-effects you might warn with:

  • Ear Wax Accumulation: If you use headphones that sit a little longer in your ear, you may risk building ear wax in your ears. If a lot of ear wax develops with time, it might be tough to eliminate it without triggering damage to your ears.
  • Concerns of Safety: If you wear noise cancelling headphones to sleep, then probably risk your safety to hear emergency alarm ringing while you're asleep or someone trying to intrude on your house. This can have devastating results, especially throughout emergencies.
  • Otitis Externa: This is the name of a condition that involves irritation to your ear canal. In the worst-case scenario, the skin around your ear canal area will slowly break and trigger fluid entering the ear.

How to Sleep with Headphones?

If you want to sleep with headphones, you can get a pillow that makes headphones listening easy and comforts sleep time. You might check out a pillow with a hole initially produced for people who need to ease ear pain after ear surgical treatment or are experiencing ear discomfort. Due to the fact that a pillow with a hole on it alleviates pressure from the earcup that's pushing against the pillow, it's also the perfect and ideal pillow for side sleepers who use headphones.

What Are the Best Noise Cancelling Headphones for Sleeping?

Still on a hunt finding what are the best noise cancelling headphones for sleeping? Utilizing headphones while listening to your favourite music doesn't just aid you to sleep much better for a night. It helps you minimize stress in the long run so you can become much healthier, happier well-being. If currently, you are not using sleep with noise cancelling headphones, you might consider the following noise-cancelling headphones from soundcore: 

  • soundcore Aerofit Open Ear Headphones
soundcore Aerofit air conduction headphone is one of the best headphones for sleeping. Because of its ultra-light ear-hook design, you won’t feel much pressure in or over your ears and thus get all-night comfort. And the open ear feature makes it possible for you to both listen to your sleeping sounds and be aware of the ambient environment, giving you a sense of security while sleeping. Besides, the Aerofit headphone has deep bass and hi-fi audio, immersing you in deep sleep. Never worry that you’ll be woken up by the interruption of the music since the earbuds are equipped with long-lasting batteries. Grab the upcoming open ear headphones and sleep tight from this Nov. 1!
  • Life Q30




With the hybrid active sound cancellation of  Life Q30, you can now maintain your focus and relaxation. Its dual noise-detecting microphones filter out approximately 95% of low-frequency ambient sound to ensure nothing distracts you from your music all night long!

  • Life Q20+




Life Q20+ has 4 ANC microphones and a digital active sound cancellation algorithm that can cancel and filter out a broader range of low and mid-frequency background noises such as vehicles and aircraft engines.

FAQ about Is It Bad to Sleep with Headphones on

Can Sleeping with Headphones Cause Headaches?

A lot of headsets cause headaches when used for an extended period of time, along with when they are faulty products in the first place. However, you can prevent common kinds of earphone headaches if you stop using your earphone for an excessive amount of time. In moderation, it is ok to sleep with headphones on.  

Is Sleeping with Music Bad?

No. In fact, music can improve our quality of sleep by calming the parts of our autonomous nervous system. This phenomenon causes slower breathing, lower heart rate, and lowered blood pressure in the human body.

Does Sleeping with Headphones Cause Cancer?

The short answer is no. It does not trigger cancer. Many people ask this as they probably hear about the electromagnetic waves that originate from these headphones. There is no connection between headphones and cancer.  

Final Thoughts

To conclude, most of us probably wonder how to sleep with headphones and what are the implications of doing so. But now that you know the various benefits and risks of sleeping with headphones based on this article, perhaps you can weigh whether it is a good idea. If you're set on preparing for your next sleep cycle, you can sleep with headphones only if you're prepared to keep the volume down of your headphones when wearing them. Furthermore, never leave it to your ears overnight to avoid future risks from piling up.

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