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Is it Bad to Sleep with Earbuds In? Find Out the Truth and Tips for Safe Use

Many of us today find solace in drifting off to sleep while listening to our favorite music, podcasts, or soothing sounds through earbuds. But is it bad to sleep with earbuds in? This guide delves into the heart of this modern-day dilemma, exploring the balance between digital comfort and the pursuit of a good night's sleep. From evaluating the safety of sleeping with earbuds to uncovering the most comfortable options on the market and providing practical tips for safe use, we aim to guide you through the nighttime noise to a restful sleep.

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Can You Sleep with Earbuds in?

The short answer is yes, you can. Comfortable sleeping earbuds can offer several benefits, particularly for those living in noisy environments or who struggle to fall asleep. Earbuds can provide a personal oasis of sound, whether it's calming music, white noise, or ambient soundscapes, helping to mask external disturbances and engage the brain in a soothing, monotone experience. For many, this can significantly improve sleep quality and duration.

Is It Safe to Sleep with Earbuds?

Now that we know sleeping with earbuds can offer several benefits, you might be concerned "is it really safe to sleep with earbuds in?" Well, the reality is that sleeping with earbuds is safe for most people, but it's not without its risks.

  • Risk of Ear Infections: Wearing earbuds for prolonged periods, especially during the night when movement is limited, can increase the risk of ear infections. This is due to the potential buildup of moisture and bacteria in the ear canal. To minimize this risk, ensure your earbuds are clean and consider earbuds made with breathable materials.
  • Discomfort and Ear Pain: Another safety consideration is the physical discomfort that can arise from sleeping with earbuds, such as pressure points in the ear canal leading to pain or soreness. Opt for earbuds designed specifically for sleep, which tend to be smaller, softer, and more flexible, reducing the risk of discomfort.
  • Cord Safety: For those using wired earbuds, there's a potential strangulation hazard from the cords. Wireless earbuds or those with short or no cords designed for sleep are safer alternatives.

Comfortable Sleeping Earbuds Recommendations

When it comes to finding the right sleep earbuds, comfort and noise isolation are key. Here are two highly recommended noise cancelling earbuds from soundcore that stand out for their blend of comfort and sleep-friendly features:

soundcore Sleep A10



The soundcore Sleep A10 earbuds are specifically designed with sleep in mind. They feature a slim profile and lightweight construction, making them ideal for side sleepers and those who move around a lot during the night. These mini earbuds come with a 4-point noise masking system that helps cover disruptive noises, providing a more peaceful sleep environment.

Additionally, they offer unlimited audio options via Bluetooth 5.2 and the soundcore app, allowing you to enjoy a wide range of sleep sounds. The dynamic drivers are tailored for low-frequency, sleep-inducing sounds, enhancing the effectiveness of white noise and other sleep aids. With sleep monitoring capabilities and a personal alarm clock, these small earbuds for sleeping are a comprehensive solution for improving sleep quality.

soundcore Sleep A20

soundcore sleep a20


The soundcore Sleep A20 earbuds are another best noise cancelling earbuds for sleeping. Utilizing patented Air-capsule ear wings and Dual-layer ear tips along with innovative noise-masking audio technology, these earbuds effectively isolate you from external disturbances such as snoring. They are designed with ultimate comfort in mind, featuring soundcore's exclusive Twin-Seal ear tips wrapped in soft silicone and an ergonomic design that fits perfectly into your ear, ensuring a pressure-free experience even for side sleepers.

The A20 model boasts 14 hours of continuous playback in Sleep mode, ensuring you have a companion from dusk till dawn, with a fully charged case extending the usage up to 80 hours. Moreover, you can select your preferred white noise or take advantage of soundcore Acoustic Lab's noise-masking solutions to block out common disturbances. The small earbuds also support an ultra-stable Bluetooth 5.3 connection for streaming music or sounds, complemented by advanced sleep monitoring features that track your sleeping duration and position, offering a visual report to help you understand and optimize your sleep patterns.

Both the soundcore Sleep A10 and A20 are designed with comfort and sleep enhancement in mind, making them excellent choices for anyone looking to improve their sleep quality with the help of technology.

Tips for Sleeping with Earbuds

Embracing the comfort of earbuds to drift into sleep can be a delightful experience when done correctly. To ensure your journey into dreamland is as smooth and beneficial as possible, here are some indispensable tips for sleeping with earbuds:

Choose the Right Earbuds:

Not all earbuds are created equal, especially when it comes to earbuds that you can sleep in. Look for earbuds specifically designed for sleep, which are typically more comfortable, lighter, and have a low profile so they won't press too hard against your ear when you're lying on your side. Look for earbuds for small ears if your ear canals are on the smaller side, as these will fit more comfortably and securely, reducing the risk of discomfort or the earbuds falling out during the night. Additionally, consider earbuds with soft, flexible tips made from materials like silicone or memory foam, as these can adapt to the shape of your ear for a more comfortable fit.

Keeping the Volume Safe

It's crucial to keep the volume at a safe level when you're drifting off with earbuds in. Listening to music or white noise at a low volume can actually help block out other sounds and create a soothing environment for sleep. Just make sure it's not so loud that it could damage your hearing over time.

Clean Your Earbuds Regularly

Hygiene is paramount when it comes to earbuds. Regularly cleaning your earbuds can prevent the buildup of earwax and bacteria, reducing the risk of ear infections. Make it a routine to wipe down your earbuds with a gentle, alcohol-free cleaner to keep them fresh and safe for use.

Limit the Time You Wear Them

While it can be tempting to use earbuds throughout the night, giving your ears a break is important. If you wake up in the middle of the night, consider removing the earbuds to let your ears rest. Alternatively, use them to fall asleep and then remove them if you naturally wake up later.


Can sleeping with earbuds cause ear infections?

Sleeping with earbuds can potentially lead to ear infections. This is because wearing earbuds for prolonged periods can trap moisture and create a warm, humid environment in the ear canal, which is ideal for bacterial growth. To reduce the risk, ensure your earbuds are clean and take breaks from wearing them.

Does sleeping with earbuds damage your ears?

Sleeping with earbuds can cause damage if the volume is too loud or if they are worn for too long without breaks. Listening to sounds at a high volume for extended periods can lead to hearing loss. To prevent damage, keep the volume low and limit the time you use earbuds while sleeping.

Is it safe to sleep with wireless earbuds?

Sleeping with wireless earbuds is generally safe, but there are some considerations. Choose earbuds specifically designed for sleep, as these are usually more comfortable and less likely to cause ear pain or discomfort. Keep the volume at a safe level to protect your hearing, and ensure the earbuds are clean to prevent ear infections.


So, is it bad to sleep with earbuds in? As we've explored, sleeping with earbuds can be safe and beneficial, as long as you take the necessary precautions. By choosing the right earbuds, keeping the volume at a safe level, and maintaining good ear health, you can enjoy a peaceful night's sleep with your favorite sounds. Just remember, the key is to find a balance that works for you without compromising your safety or comfort.

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