The Proper Way on How to Wear Earbuds

The Proper Way on How to Wear Earbuds

You might become especially conscious of how to wear earbuds if they’re fresh off the package. After all, proper care and handling of the device will secure its usefulness for a very long time. And if this is definitely the case, then you’d be happy to know that the discussion I have prepared for today will especially cover the subject matter and put your mind at ease on how to wear Bluetooth earbuds.

How to Wear Earbuds Properly

We have the traditional headphones even way back in the 80s, and I’m sure most of you are accustomed to how it is worn. But Bluetooth or wireless earbuds are an advanced and contemporary technology that presents various unique functionalities compared to the old headphones.

Although the premises are still the same, which include taking them out of your pocket or purse and putting them on your ear, it doesn’t have cables which means that nothing will hold the earpieces when one has fallen out. Thus, you have to be wary of how to wear wireless earbuds, and it has to be snugly fit to prevent any accidents.

Anyway, there are several measures you have to observe to make sure that they are secured in your ear. Some of the factors you have to consider are as follows—

Fit the Earbuds Properly

The first thing you have to consider about how to wear headphones is that you have to gently pull the upper part of your ear upwards. And then, insert the earbud tips inside the ear canal. An ergonomic ear tip is flexible, which should adjust to the shape of your inner ear.

You have to be sure that the tips comfortably fit in your ear before you move on your way. And to ascertain that they won’t fall off as you move forward, you have to wait for ten minutes in order for the ear tips to stabilize.

You can tell that the earbuds have stabilized once you observe that surrounding noise has significantly dropped as a result. But if you feel that they fit, you can change ear tips and see which variety is comfortable to your preferences.

Ear Tips’ Measurement of Air-Tightness

Fortunately, there are mobile applications you can employ to get the right measurement of ear tips that controls airflow going in and out of your ears. And of the applications you can check out for free is the Headphones Connect app.

You have to download the application first. And once they are downloaded, install them. Run the application and follow these simple steps to give you answers on how to wear a Bluetooth earbud—

  • In the main dashboard, go to the System tab
  • Under the System tab, select Determine Optimal Earbud Tips
  • Click on the Test the Wearing Condition selection
  • After doing so, wear your earbuds and follow the instructions provided on your mobile screen
  • And then, click the Start button to begin the testing process
  • You have to be sure that you are in a quiet area to perform the testing process effectively
  • Refer to the measurements provided by the test and check if they are indeed properly worn
  • A check mark will be shown if you are wearing them properly

Ear Size Measurement

The Headphones Connect app is also useful in determining whether you are using the right pair of ear tip sizes by measuring the airflow penetrating the ear canal.

At times, we may not be aware of the ear tip sizes; as long as it fits the ear, then everything should be fine. Can you relate? Anyway, you just have to follow these straightforward guides to determine the appropriate ear tips for your need—

  • Open the Headphones Connect app
  • Once again, go to the System tab
  • Select the Determines Optimal Earbud Tips
  • Find Compare All Sizes and click on it
  • Once you have gained access, you will be prompt to select two or more of the ear tip sizes you feel fit you
  • And then, click on the Next button
  • Again, follow the instructions provided on the screen and hit on Start once you have done so
  • Also, you have to be in a quiet area in order for the testing process reliable
  • Once the testing is done, the result will display the ear tips that perfectly fit your ears

How to Wear Earbuds with Ear Loop

There’s another concern that many have in regards to how to wear earbuds, and that is the type of earbuds.

Another thing you have to remember is that not all Bluetooth earpieces are the same, and what I mean by this is that you will find tons of varieties in the market which give unique styles and functionalities in that sense.

Probably the most common and trendiest variety that you will find is earbuds with ear loops or, popularly known as wings. The truth is that the ear tips are relatively the same, with the exception of how it is worn.

So how to wear earbuds with wings? Well, all you have to do is to loop them (as the name ear loop suggests) around your ear to provide better security so that it wouldn’t fall off as you address your daily activities.

And if you’re specifically looking for a quality ear loop earpiece, then you may want to check out soundcore Sport X10, which should allow you to better communicate with the person on the other line or enjoy your music on the go.

soundcore Aerofit open ear headphone is also an optimal choice for secure and comfortable wearing. Instead of being inside or over your ears, it comes with exclusive earhooks that balance the pressure distribution. So that you can wear the headphones for the whole day without feeling your ears hurt. Come and get the new headphones on this coming Nov. 1. Be the early bird and get your own air conduction headphone!

Frequently Asked Questions about How to Wear Earbuds

Now, below are the common queries about how to wear earbuds. Let’s take a look at each of them—

What is Correct Way to Put in Wireless Earbuds?

The ear tips must be properly fitted inside your ear canal, which means that they should be airtight to gain maximum satisfaction. By doing so, it reduces the noise pollution in your surroundings, which makes the sounds from the earbuds clearer and sharper.

How Do I Keep My Earbuds from Falling Out?

The ear tips of the buds should be snugly fitted inside the ear canals. You can tell if it’s properly worn when the earbuds don’t move around as you move from place to place as well.

To secure the earbuds in place, pull the upper part of your ears upwards and place the earbuds inside. Wait for ten minutes to allow the soft materials to adjust. And if it doesn’t wiggle after the specified time, then you should be good to go.


I hope the insights I have shared in today’s discussion provided you with the answer you need to the all-important question—how to wear wireless earbuds. Yes, it may sound a no-brainer, but you have to take note that the proper fitting of earbuds provides a better overall experience and maximum satisfaction as you enjoy your favorite music or YouTube videos. As you see, answering how to wear earbuds is an essential question that you have to consider.

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