Behind the Ear Headphones
  • soundcore Behind the Ear Headphones: Comfort and Clarity in One

    Behind-the-ear headphones feature a broad array of advantages, making them the preferred choice in a multitude of scenarios. Featuring the innovative behind the ear design, behind ear headphones provide a secure fit even during physical activities like running or working out while getting you hooked to your playlist with captivating sound quality.

    soundcore behind-the-ear headphones are the most striking blend of audio excellence and ergonomic brilliance. Courtesy of high-quality drivers and cutting-edge technology, our behind the ear earbuds deliver crystal-clear audio, giving you the ultimate acoustic enjoyment no matter whether you're immersed in a deep podcast or your favorite music. Moreover, featuring behind-the-ear designs, our headphones offer a secure and comfortable fit, making the hassle of constant readjustment becomes a distant memory. This makes our behind the ear Bluetooth headphones ideal companions for those leading active lives. Furthermore, with an astonishingly extended battery life, our wireless headphones behind ears keep the melodies flowing without interruption. In short, soundcore 's commitment to quality and innovation culminates in a sonic experience that transcends ordinary listening, elevating every moment into an auditory masterpiece. Join the group of soundcore users and unlock the full potential of sound with our wireless behind the ear headphones today!

  • FAQ

    What are the best behind the ear headphones??

    The choice of the best headphones that go behind the ear varies based on factors such as individual preferences, usage scenarios, and so on. In general, under ear headphones from reputable brands like soundcore tend to excel in aspects like build quality, sound quality, comfort, and battery life, making them optimal choices for music lovers, workout enthusiasts, and other demographics. Check out our first-class Aerofit Pro for the best behind ear headphones for sports, or the affordable Aerofit headphones for daily use.

    Are behind the ear headphones comfortable?

    The answer is a straight yes. Behind the ear earphones, known for their secure fit, can be comfortable for many users. They distribute weight evenly across the head and often come with ergonomic designs, making them suitable even for prolonged listening sessions. This is more of the case with quality behind the ear headsets like soundcore ’s offerings.

    Do behind the ear headphones sound better?

    Just like any other type of headphones, the sound quality of behind-the-ear headphones varies depending on the specific model and its design. The quality behind the ear headphones like soundcore models typically deliver clear and detailed acoustics due to their high-quality drivers and advanced audio technologies.

    Are behind the ear headphones in style?

    Yes. Behind-the-ear headphones have become more popular recently, especially among athletes and people who are physically active. First, this is because behind-the-ear headphones are more secure and less likely to fall out than other types of headphones, while being more comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.

    Moreover, open ear headphones that feature behind the ear designs have the added benefit of keeping you aware of your surroundings as the music flows since they don’t block the ear canal, further contributing to their popularity.