5 Easy Ways on How to Keep Earbuds from Falling Out

5 Easy Ways on How to Keep Earbuds from Falling Out

The convenience and freedom that earbuds bring to our daily lives for many varying tasks is a joy, but there are also difficult at times when trying to keep them in place in our ears. Especially with a variety of different earbuds that come in all shapes and sizes, the struggle of finding out how to stop earbuds from falling out is a very real problem among many. Not only do the earbuds vary, but so do everyone’s ears since they too have different dimensions. Thankfully, there are just as many solutions on how to stop wireless earbuds from falling out. Through the following tips on how to keep earbuds from falling out, you can comfortably keep your earbuds in place while jamming and moving around as you please.

Fit the Earbuds Firmly Into Your Ear

Earbuds are likely to fall out if they are not fitted securely into the ear, especially since earbuds are generally shaped to fit a certain way in the ears. Before inserting the earbuds, hold your earlobes upward so that the ear canals are straightened, making it easier to insert and firmly fit the earbuds. Let go of the earlobes only after fitting the earbuds to firmly secure them into place.

Check the Earbuds Labeling and Instructions


Earbuds are essentially designed to be positioned and fixed into the ears in a specific way, which means that the exterior shape of the earbuds can determine how they should be fitted. Aside from identifying the left and right labels, consider fitting them in various ways to determine the most comfortable and secure position possible. Other earbuds have indicators for proper positioning like a earbuds wings design that can provide an extra latch of the ears.  soundcore Life A1 are great examples since they are meant to be fitted in the ears with the little wings pointing towards the outside to help to attach to your ear.

Prevent any Accumulation of Sweat in the Ears

Most notable during physical activities like exercises and workouts, sweat in the ears can be slippery enough to cause the earbuds to fall out. To prevent any sweat from entering the ears, consider wearing a sweatband or headband to absorb any sweat and prevent them from soaking your face and ears. For colder weather, ear warmers or ear covers are perfect for securing the earbuds into place while also keeping out any sweat.

Maintain Clear Earbuds and Ears

Regularly cleaning the earbuds of any earwax, grime, and dirt that accumulate over time will ensure that the earbuds retain their grip and fit better in the ears. Also, the ears should be kept clean for the earbuds to be inserted and fixed into place properly. By cleaning and removing any debris and accumulated dirt in both the ears and earbuds, inserting and securing the earbuds will be much easier and more effective.

Pick the Right Earbuds For You

Choosing the appropriate earbuds for your needs is undoubtedly the best way to prevent any future issues with the earbuds falling out. By picking the right pair for you, the earbuds will be more fitted according to your ears and will secure and feel more comfortable. In picking earbuds, steer clear of the classic earbuds since they are the least ergonomic and comfortable of all earbuds. Instead of the plain and classic designs, consider choosing a pair that come with ear fins or hooks that are meant to stabilize them into place. Especially for active use like during exercise, earbuds with latching mechanisms or hook designs are great for keeping them in place regardless of any movement.

Also, consider picking out true wireless earbuds that can be used without any cables or attached wires. For a solid selection of excellent earbuds, the soundcore headphones present many great offers that are simply too good to pass up.  

Frequently Asked Questions about How to Keep Earbuds from Falling out

Do I Need Bigger or Smaller Earbuds?

Larger-sized earbuds are ideal for those that prefer the earbuds to sit near the opening of the ears for more comfort or to best utilize any hook features. Smaller-sized earbuds are generally better for those looking for a smaller tip to fit deeper into the ear, which can maximize the sound quality and even fit better.

How Tight Should Earbuds Fit?

Earbuds are designed to be fully inserted into the ear, which allows the soft tip to completely plug the ears by sealing up the ear canal. This seal allows for the best sound quality while also blocking out any external noise. If the seal does not fully plug the ears, then some background noise can enter and interfere with the audio.

What are the Wings on Earbuds for?

Earbuds may come with wings, which are made to give additional hold and grip to the ears, which are especially useful for those that find their earbuds too loose.  


There are many ways to keep earbuds from falling out, and one of the best ways is by simply finding the pair that best suits you. Especially since everyone has varying ear shapes and sizes, experimenting and trying out different tips like the ones mentioned above can help greatly in keeping your earbuds from falling out of your ears in the future.

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