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Outdoor Speakers

soundcore outdoor speakers are perfect companions for camping and party, boosting the vibe with huge sound while fearing no rain and water.

Outdoor Speakers

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  • Wireless and Portable to Fit in Any Situation

    soundcore outdoor speakers are more versatile than ever. Bluetooth connection sets you free from all the wires while sending your favorite playlists in smartphone right into high-quality tweeters and subwoofers. Long battery life lets your party going on and on without worrying about the tunes suddenly stopping. Light-weight compact design lets you hold it in one hand with ease, bringing no extra burden to your travelling. Plus, soundcore outdoor speakers are built to last, with durable and water resistant exterior, they can be your party companions for many years to come.
    soundcore outdoor speakers are fun to hang out with, but it does not mean you should take its sound any less seriously. With BassUp technology, they deliver powerful sound with intense bass, while an advanced DSP and amplifiers make sure the highs, mids and lows are all accurate and distortion-free. To ensure speakers sound great in open space, soundcore runs thousands of tests in different places such as backyard, pool, patio, or beach, so just grab it with you outside and start enjoying your favorite music.

  • FAQ about soundcore Outdoor Speakers

    Do soundcore outdoor speakers require wifi connection?

    soundcore outdoor speakers have bluetooth built inside, so you can play your music directly from music library or music streaming apps in your phone. Once connected to your phone, your speaker will remember it, so next time all you have to do is to turn your speaker on, and it will be automatically connected to your phone. No wifi is required to play music for soundcore outdoor speakers unless your phone needs wifi to stream music directly from the Internet.

    Are soundcore outdoor speakers waterproof?

    Outdoor speakers are designed to be used in environments where there is water present. This means that they are able to withstand shower, rain, and even being submerged in swimming pool. Most waterproof speakers use a combination of rubber and metal to create an impenetrable seal around them, which prevents water from getting into the speaker’s internals and damaging the electronics. Waterproof is related to IPX rating, the higher IPX rating, the more waterproof it is. Look no further than soundcore’s outdoor speakers, with an IPX7 rating, these speakers can handle any outdoor situation that you are in.

    What are some things to consider when choosing outdoor speakers?

    First, you have to be clear about where you want to use an outdoor speaker. Because there is no wall and ceiling to reflect the sound, a small to medium size speaker may never deliver the sound effect you want in a big open space. A bluetooth speaker may never fit a rock concert. However, if you just want to bring a speaker to add some vibe to your party, all you need to care about is its durability, sound quality and battery life. soundcore outdoor speakers check all the marks, offering all you need in an outdoor speaker that you can dance to and vibe to.
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