Are Wireless Earbuds Safe? Or Are Wired Buds Safer?

Are Wireless Earbuds Safe? Or Are Wired Buds Safer?

Are wireless earbuds safe? This is a common concern for many people because of the popular belief that Bluetooth devices emit radiation waves. As we all know, radiation is harmful to the human body, especially if exposed for a long time. One of the popular myths about Bluetooth devices like earbuds is that they cause cancers. However, is this really true?

In today’s article, I will discuss the matter and help you put aside any doubts that you may have about the technology. And once and for all, give you the peace of mindare Bluetooth earbuds safe? Or should you go back to the wired variety?

What is Bluetooth Radiation?

Yes. Every tech gadgets and appliances that use intense heat emit radiation. So are earbuds safe? The answer is a resounding yes as well because the radiation is extremely low that it has insignificant effects on humans. You have to remember that if Bluetooth devices are harmful that could lead to health conditions like a tumor or cancer, then regulating bodies like the FDA would have banned them from usage? Does it make sense?

But to put things in perspective—there are two types of electromagnetic radiation which are the ionizing EMR and nonionizing EMR. Ionizing EMR has a high frequency which can indeed damage DNA cells. You can find them in the following compounds—

  • X-ray and MRI machines
  • Radioactive waste
  • Certain chemicals like Plutonium, Uranium, Radium, and Thorium
  • Prolonged exposure to sunlight

On the other hand, nonionizing EMRs have low frequency and don’t pose any health risk. And you can find them in our daily gadgets and home equipment such as the following—

  • Microwave oven
  • Television
  • Desktop or laptop screen
  • WiFi routers
  • Smartphones
  • Bluetooth devices

Some Safe Concerns about Wireless Earbuds

There are not sufficient studies to conclude that Bluetooth devices like earbuds and other nonionizing gadgets are potentially hazardous. And this is the reason they are still in circulation. They are generally benign and safe for use.

Anyway, you still have to take the information with a grain of salt and balance the usage of these gadgets. This is because they still have small amounts of radiation after all. Below are some of the common concerns you have to bear in mind every time you’re using them.

Do Wireless Earbuds Give Off Radiation?

Are wireless earbuds safe? As I discussed earlier, Bluetooth devices like wireless earbuds produce extremely low radiofrequency. In fact, these devices emit much lower than a smartphone, which is 10 to 400 times lower compared to the power density of the aforementioned device.

Prolonged usage of wireless has not shown any negative impacts on radiation. In fact, the average usage of earphones per age group is significantly high, but no reports of health complications as a result of their usage, according to a study.

For example, among 19 to 29 years of age, the average usage is about 7.8 hours a week, while an average of 5.5 hours a week is observed for people between 30 and 49 years of age. Finally, 5.2 hours of earphone usage is observed in a week for people between 50 to 79 years old.

As you see, the usage is fairly high, but no health hazards have been reported.

Are Bluetooth Earbuds Safe for My Brain?

Again, we have to take into consideration the fact that wireless is categorized as a nonionizing EMR. This radiation level is very low and would not cause any health impact on the user.

However, some people have the belief that wearing them for an extensive amount of time causes headaches and nausea. However, this isn’t exactly the case. And the likely culprit is the sound waves coming from the earbuds and excess production of earwax.

The purposes of mucus production in the ear are to either clean or protect the internals of the ear. The heightened sound from the buds causes the excess earwax as a self-defense mechanism. Thus, it causes irritation, and the sound basically triggers the eardrums to work faster, which leads to temporary headaches.

Do Wireless Ears Cause Cancer?

The wireless earbuds do not cause even mild headaches. As mentioned in the introduction, cancer caused by Bluetooth devices is just a myth. Many people connect them to health complications due to exposure to a high level of radiation because of the low level of radiation it emits.

Apparently, they do not understand the radiation completely and that there are two types of radiation that separates those that are hazardous from the benign ones.

Does Wireless Earbuds Safer than Wired Earbuds?

Are earbuds bad for your ears compared to the wired variety? Both of them are generally safe. However, the great advantage of a Bluetooth earbud device is that they are wireless and a lot more convenient whenever you are on the go. Also, it eases you from the stress of tangling cords which is time-consuming if you are commuting and in need of music relief or just want to block the noise pollution surrounding you.

The bottomline is that both don’t pose any health risk, and no matter what you’ll be using entirely depends on your personal preference.


For the last time, allow me to ask again—are wireless earbuds safe? As I emphasized all throughout the article, electronic gadgets and other home appliances are basically categorized as a nonionizing EMR. It means that they are safe and possess no health hazards when they are interacted with by humans or other living organisms.

Although it does not cause health problems related to radiation, you have to understand that you still have to manage their usage. For example, cheap brands are made of subpar materials and have an unbalance audio tune which leads to ear lining irritation and excess production in earwax. If you’re looking for earbuds in the market that are ergonomically fit and skin-friendly, then you have to check out soundcore Liberty 3 Pro.

I believe we’ve covered sufficient grounds! I hope today’s topic, “are wireless earbuds safe,” provided you with the insights you need!

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