Tips on How to Connect Earbuds to iPhone Fast

Tips on How to Connect Earbuds to iPhone Fast

The question of how to connect earbuds to iPhone might seem an easy task to deal with. However, if you own or already have one, you have already been through the dilemma why aren’t my headphone connecting to my iPhone. The Apple line of mobile phones is in a league of its own, and it won’t easily pair with incompatible devices.

But it is not a hopeless case, and there are several ways how to pair headphones to iPhone even if you are using a different brand from Apple. In today’s article, I will talk about the subject matter thoroughly and provide you with the solution to your problem.

How to Connect Earbuds to iPhone

One of the common problems that iPhone users have is new accessories sometimes don’t pair easily or link automatically to their precious device. If you are new to iPhone, you will soon findout that chargers, wired headphones, Bluetooth accessories, and devices with branding other than Apple are incompatible.

But as I mentioned, there are methods you can decimate on how to pair wireless earbuds to iPhone. And it’s relatively straightforward to link any device if you think about it. You just need a few simple tweaks with your phone to successfully connect wireless earbuds to iPhone.


Generally, the pairing process is similar to any generic smartphone.

First and foremost, turn on the Bluetooth device to pair earbuds to iPhone. And then, you need to go to the settings app and find connectivity. From there, click on the Bluetooth settings to set up earbuds on iPhone.

Once you are in the Bluetooth tab, you will find the list of devices that are already paired and those that are unpaired yet but visible and can be linked with.

If the device is visible, it only means that it is recognized by your iPhone, which is a good sign. If this is the first time you are using a Bluetooth or wireless headpiece, the devices should automatically sync earbuds to iPhone.

But as I mentioned, there are instances when it won’t detect the device even if both Bluetooth devices are turned on, or it won’t automatically connect. In the following section is some ways you can use to fix the issue and continue enjoying listening to your music or favorite podcasts.

Why Won’t My Earbuds Work on My iPhone?

If you are using an official Apple product, everything should go smoothly with your iPhone. But it gets a little tricky if you are using a different brand or connecting an imitated product, for that matter. Despite having these factors in mind, proud Apple product owners still experience some issues regarding how to use earbuds with iPhone.

The cause of problems why won’t your headphone to your iPhone or won’t link automatically ranges from several factors, which includes—

  • Bluetooth is not turned on properly
  • Incompatibility
  • Outdated iOS software

And so forth and so on.

However, the fix may be the same no matter what accessory brand you are using. The following are some of the simple tricks you can troubleshoot your device to connect Bluetooth headphone to iPhone.

  • First and foremost, you need to ascertain that both of the devices’ Bluetooth devices are turned on. In some instances, the primary reason why they won’t link is that one of the devices’ Bluetooth is turned off.
  • The second basic solution is to make sure that your iPhone and the accessory are near from each other. You do remember that the general connectivity range is only within 30 feet. And once you run out of range, it will disconnect automatically.
  • If the devices don’t link, you can turn off and on one device or vice versa to connect wireless headphones to iPhone. 

If it still doesn’t work, you need to make a deeper diagnosis. And if this is the case, then let’s continue to the section and answer the question on how to connect earbuds to iPhone.

How to Fix if Earbuds Won’t Connect to iPhone

The following are the additional fix you can employ to troubleshoot the problem—

  • Try deleting the Bluetooth profile of the earbuds and reinstalling them
  • Check whether your iOS is updated, and then try installing the new software if it fixes the issue
  • Delete unused Bluetooth profiles
  • Turn off your iPhone and turn them back on once again to clear the cache
  • The last resort is you can reset the network. To do this, you need to go to the General Settings and find the Reset Network tab

Can you use any wireless earbuds with iPhone? The answer is yes. However, of course, to side-step any possible inconveniences, you may want to opt for official products instead.

But Apple earbuds can be quite expensive, as we are all aware. And if you are concerned about breaking the bank but want to use a quality earpiece that’s compatible with your iPhone, then you can checkout soundcore’s brand of headphones. And probably of the best sellers of the brand that’s very reliable and could connect to any phone brand, in my opinion, is the soundcore Life P2 which offers outstanding features such as four microphones and graphene drivers for better clarity.

How to Connect soundcore Earbuds to iPhone

Like in any Bluetooth device, how to connect headphones to iPhone is essentially the same as with the soundcore Life P2, but it is way much simpler because of the device’s fast connectivity feature.

Anyway, below is a quick rundown of the entire process—

  • Take out your Life P2 from its charging case and make sure that it rapidly blinking white which indicates that it’s ready to pair to any devices
  • And then, you also have to be sure that your Bluetooth setting is turned on
  • Go to the settings tab and specifically search for the soundcore profile
  • And then, all you have to do is pair them. That’s it!
  • It conveniently pair and unpair whenever you are ready to use them or not use them

    Can You Connect Two Bluetooth Headphones to iPhone?

    The subject matter of how to connect wired headphones to iPhone is different from a Bluetooth accessory, but how to connect two Bluetooth Headphones to iPhone is another topic that I’m sure many are interested in.

    But can you really connect 2 Bluetooth headphones to iPhone?

    Well, the simple answer is that it is possible with iPhones with updated software of iOS 13.2 and above. And to share a Bluetooth connection with other devices, you just need to follow these steps—

    • Firstly, you need to pair the earbuds separately
    • Connect the Bluetooth devices and play any music or video files
    • And then, open your settings app and refer to the Music section and look for share audio, and tap on it
    • And once you have connected them, you can manually adjust the volume and equalizer individually according to the person’s preferences

    Frequently Asked Questions About How to Connect Earbuds to iPhone

    Below are some of the common queries about how to connect earbuds to iPhone—

    How to Connect Wired Headphones to iPhone 11?

    The iPhone has revolutionized the way we view and use our phones in the late 2000s. However, the engineers of Apple continue to develop the brand. It resulted in the development of the Apple 10, which provided its users with better functionalities and a superior camera.

    Now, the iPhone 11 is a huge leap from the iPhone 10 because it has more sophisticated functions. So the question is the connectivity function with other devices.

    Well, the good news is that linking with Bluetooth accessories is as easy as with other smartphones. Just turn on Bluetooth devices, and you’re supposed to be ready to go.

    How Do I Put My Earbuds in Pairing Mode?

    To do this, you can pair them with your iPhone by just turning on the Bluetooth headphones or takingout the earbuds from the case. And if it doesn’t work, make sure that the charging case has sufficient battery to charge the earbuds.


    I hope today’s article on how to connect earbuds to iPhone has provided you with the information you need about the matter and provided you with the solution to the problem.

    In any case, as I have explained thoroughly in this article, the process should be relatively easy. However, iOS is a little bit challenging to work with in comparison to your typical Android devices.

    But if it doesn’t connect or link automatically, you can refer to perform several factors to fix the problem. Essentially, any Bluetooth accessories can connect with any iPhone model. You just have to be patient and know where to refer to when you’re setting up the Bluetooth functionality of both devices in knowing how to connect earbuds to iPhone.

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