Hi Res Headphones
  • Enjoy Extraordinary Clarity and Detail in Music with soundcore Hi Res Headphones

    Hi res headphones not only reproduce music with exceptional clarity and detail by extending high frequencies but also enhance bass output for a better listening experience. soundcore hi res headphones meet all your musical needs with extended high frequencies up to 40 kHz and custom oversized 40mm dynamic drivers, ensuring you hear every detail of your music. In addition, the unique BassUp technology of soundcore highest quality headphones can instantly enhance 100% bass output - perfect for fans of heavy genres!
    soundcore hi res headphones offer up to 60 hours of non-stop playtime in standard music mode, powerful enough to keep the music flowing for more than 600 songs on your next few journeys! Besides, the hi res audio headphones feature four built-in ANC microphones and active noise cancellation algorithm, giving you an extended range of silent bliss from low to mid-frequency disturbances like airplane engines or traffic. What's more, the incredible hi res audio wireless headphones offer an unbeatable connection via Bluetooth 5 - reliable, ultra-fast, and virtually unbreakable. Enjoy superior sound quality with your mobile device!

  • FAQ about Hi Res Headphones

    Are hi res headphones worth it?

    Absolutely yes! The high-definition audio offered by high res headphones is produced by larger components that can handle a full range of frequencies, meaning that you get to hear every nuance of your favorite songs with clarity. Furthermore, high resolution headphones allow a much wider dynamic range compared to regular headphones. Take the soundcore Life Q20+ as an example, its extended high frequencies reaching up to 40 kHz lets you pick up even the most subtle changes in sound, such as rumbles and whispers. .

    Is hi-res better than FLAC?

    High-Resolution Audio offers higher bit depths and higher sample rates, accumulating to a more excellent dynamic range than is possible with compact disc (CD) quality standards. This means that High-Resolution Audio provides users with a more accurate reproduction of the original recording, and listeners can hear more detailed segments of recordings, providing music lovers with a more precise overall listening experience. On the other hand, FLAC stands for Free Lossless Audio Codec, which means it compresses an exact copy of the audio file without any loss in sound quality, but cannot compete with Hi-Res Audio for a truly immersive experience on par.!

    Can all headphones play hi-res?

    Not all headphones can play Hi-Res Audio. For headphones to be officially certified as high-res, they must reproduce a frequency of at least 40kHz, just like the soundcore Life Q20+. When shopping for headphones, you should not only for high end headphones but also look for the Hi-Res Audio logo which indicates that the hi res earbuds meet certain standards for reproducing audio quality.