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Sleep A20

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Savior of Light Sleepers

Noise Masking System

Noise Blocking
Noise Masking
Pressureless Comfort for Side Sleepers

Gentle Material
Ergonomic Design
Air Wing
Perfect Fit

10 Nights of Deep Sleep, 1 Fully Charged Case³

Sleep through the night with 14 hours of playback in Sleep mode, 10 Hours with Bluetooth. Enjoy 80 hours of listening with a fully charged case³.

Curate Your Sleep Playlist

Take comfort in a fully stable connection with Bluetooth 5.3. Compose a peaceful night of sleep with a customizable sound library.

Sleep Analytics for Better Rest

Equipped with a MEMS Sensor, Sleep A20 tracks your sleeping positions and movements throughout the night. Coupled with a Real-Time Clock, Sleep A20 offers precise sleep quality analysis at every moment of the night.

Enhanced Sleep with Advanced Features

Elevate your slumber with Sleep A20 when connected to the soundcore App. Discover a suite of customizable features designed to tailor your rest for an optimal start to your day.

Compose Your Own Lullabies

Craft your perfect sleep soundtrack with our app"s extensive library of white noise. Customize the frequency, speed, and volume of each track to create a personalized lullaby that lulls you into a peaceful slumber.

Pre-Loaded Sleep Sounds

Ditch the phone before heading to bed. Just press play in Sleep mode and fall into a deep slumber.

Wake Up with a
Personal Alarm

Start your day right with a custom personal alarm tailored to your preferences. Choose your favorite sound and set a repeating alarm cycle that gently wakes you up without disturbing your partner.

Find Device

Lose an earbud? A single tap of the soundcore app can help. Use "Find Device" to have your earbuds let out a sound that makes them easy to locate.