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The Bang-for-Buck Wild Card (updated!)

(Note: This review was written over a year ago via another retail site, but my findings still stand - these are silly-terrific 'phones, which also takes into account Soundcore's exemplary after-sales service.)

The appearance of these headphones was rather timely for me: on account of a motorcycle crash I suffered a few months back, I've since been on the mend, and due to shuttling back-and-forth between hospital and rehab, the one thing I knew I'd want is a decent pair of over-ear NC headphones, and after some brief but concentrated research I chose the Soundcore 'phones. Rather than being a tough choice, in my case it was easy: between my two hi-fi systems at home, I *already* own two pair of terrific wired 'phones which I'd put up against the priciest Bluetooth 'phones in regard to sound quality, so all I was looking for in a BT 'phone was simply good sound quality, but *seriously* good noise-cancelling and solid battery life, and the Soundcores seriously kick butt here. In fact, as Bluetooth cans go, I don't think the Soundcores take a back-seat to anyone else at the moment, particularly if you take the time to tweak the frequency curve (the HearID control in the Soundcore app makes creating a custom curve easy) and activate LDAC for higher resolution- the very fact that you have these options at your disposal should be proof enough of what you're getting here. My take is that if these were going to be your Main Axe headphones for all your serious listening, then maybe (JUST maybe) spending the extra bucks for something like Sony's XM4/5 or the like could be the right choice; for me, I follow the philosophy of "the perfect is the enemy of the good", and made my choice appropriately. And I'm pretty darned happy. Highly recommended.

Un sonido muy equilibrado y limpio

Me sorprendió el motion x500 cuando lo saqué del empaque su calidad de construcción es excelente,
Al usar el audio espacial le da un efecto de eco a la música que hace que suene de una forma diferente se lo mostré a mis amigos y les encantó, lo único a mejor es la duración de batería, por lo demás el dispositivo es impecable

Amazing Portable Bluetooth Speaker | Equalizer Setting to Make the Sound Even Way Better!

Bought this as as gift for my wife and I also have a passion for sound and I been working with it most of my life as a hobby. I wanted to get her a better BT Boombox than what she currently has, but that would be lighter weight, more powerful / better sound and that has a better battery life. The Boom 2 Plus fills those PERFECTLY! After working on the sound equalizer, I believe what I found to be a really good improvement over the stock sound (I feel the 'Soundcore Signature Sound' Setting was best out of the pre-made ones, so I am comparing mine to that one) which I feel my Custom one makes the sound much clearer, more bass and a tad louder!. See attached picture for the equalizer settings I have now. Enjoy everyone and thanks Soundcore for making this Boombox 2 Plus :-). I also own the original Motion Boom Plus as well and love it.

First soundcore device

Not gonna lie I was kinda skeptical on the price, and never heard a soundcore speaker before I've was always using JBLs and this actually blows jbl out of the water absolutely happy with my boom 2 plus

Awesome and Great deal

Had these for few months now. I love them but people keep saying the battery is good. Well, I had better battery from other brands, just everything else on the headphones feel like flagship. I like the LDAC codec, but battery is not very long. If I go and use AAC, then I can tell the difference. I prefer LDAC. I was using own music, and then I decided to sign up for Spotify premium. Now, just patiently waiting for HiFi and lossless on Spotify. I also have the life Q35, but I wanted the adaptive ANC, to not have to play with the button or app all the time. I think it does well on its own. Has volume limiter too but did not use it much. Has an auto turn off feature. If you have a phone with spatial sound, it works too. Really nice headphones and seems flagship capable, and comparable to nicer and pricier ones for lower cost and get them $50 off this website is nice too. I had life Q30 too but did not like as much as Q35 or even Q45. I should say I even had Q10s too. Out of all of them, I like the Q45s the best. I came from the Q35 to the Q45 because there was a choppy sound issue with the Q35 but it could have been the Galaxy A54 I was using. Now, I am using a OnePlus 12R. So, heck of a lot better phone and did not try Q35 on seeing if the choppiness is still there but I might try it again to see. I recommend any of the Soundcore products. They are quality products.

Bad Charging Case Design

Purchased two sets (one black, one white) back in late January, and both charging cases have developed steadily growing cracks from the hinges. These are not abused, mostly just hang out on my desk.

The white case developed it’s cracking within a week of use, while the black case ended up with similar cracking on both sides of the hinge (harder to photo the black one so just including the white case photo). Not trusting these cases as safe to use so have ended up relegating these to the electronic waste bin.

Usually have good experiences with Soundcore products but I am extremely disappointed with these new earbuds.

Best tool for light sleepers

I have used past headphones designed for sleep, including Soundcore’s A10s. I have always had problems with the battery life. These new A20s solve that problem completely. While in sleep mode an 8 hour plus night is always achieved.

Another plus is how easy they connected to my iPhone 15. Once connected to my Bluetooth, which took all of 10 seconds, using the app couldn’t be easier.

More reasons to love include the built in alarm that wakes you up gently and does not bother your sleeping partner. And the variety of sleep noises to choose from is vast, plus you can creat your own sounds by mixing different tones in the app to customize your sleep noise.

Earbuds fit nicely and comfortably in the ear and there is no ear pain after use. The charging system works well also and the app is very easy to use.

I highly recommend these if, like me, you are a light sleeper.

Excellent replacements and support resolution

I used my original Liberty 4's M1 eartips heavily for over a year and a half, to the point the original set's left side began to break apart near the bottom until completely separating the ear-contacting part from the earbud-contacting part. I got this replacement pack to allow me to make use of both earbuds again.

Due to a snafu, only one of the two materials arrived with my initial shipment. I contacted support and received a response within two business weeks that let me know the other was on its way. In that time, I had been putting the replaced M1 through its paces, and boy was I satisfied.

The replacement M1 feels sturdier than the original. It was also made of a material that felt slightly stickier/gripp-ier than the original, which I was a fan of as it helped increase my confidence of the earbud's security in my ear (not that I'd had any issues prior, but one always worries with something unsupported like these.) This new material also seemed to be slightly better at rejecting my earwax, helping me keep it cleaner throughout my heavy usage.

Given how great the first material I received feels, I'll probably stick with it if my right earbud's eartip finally gives out.

5/5, will keep buying these replacement eartips so long as my Liberty 4 earbuds keep working.

Disappointed - Review comparison of the Soundcore Motion Boom Plus vs. Soundcore Boom 2 Plus

I was very excited when I read about the announcement of the Boom 2 Plus (B2Plus) and I bought at as soon as it was released as an upgrade to my Motion Boom Plus (MBPlus). I was happy with the sound quality of my old MBPlus but wanted (needed) a louder speaker. The spec sheet of the B2Plus (this speaker) point to a substantial improvement in all aspects of audio performance but the clarity, tonality, fidelity, and volume were all VERY disappointing. The difference in size, weight, wattage, etc was definitely not spent in creating better mid and high range sound... Where the B2Plus excels is in bass production. It's amazing. If you're looking for a speaker to pump wall penetrating sub bass beats and piss off your neighbors and don't care about audio quality or full range fidelity, this is the speaker for you. (seriously, the bass coming out of this speaker is impressive). But if you're looking for a well rounded, equally loud, and clearer sounding speaker, I'd recommend the Motion Boom Plus over the Boom 2 Plus. It's an all around better speaker for the price.

A note to anyone using these speakers as a portable instrument amplifier or PA:
There is a 500ms delay between input and output (ie slap-back echo) which the MBPlus does not have. This is in wired mode, not BT (1/4"=>3.5mm direct to the back of the speaker). I've experienced this on other speakers in this range and a future software update might fix it. Definitely not a deal breaker for most, but if you're looking for a portable full range BT speaker for BT music that you could take to a party for live performance or announcements over the speaker, this definitely won't work for you.

NOTE: The B2Plus is still in the break-in period so I will revisit this review with an edit if the sound quality changes over the next week or two with about 5-6hr/day break-in sessions. If the speaker does not substantially improve in general midrange volume, fidelity, and clarity at high volumes, this review will stand and the speaker is going back to Anker. I have also downloaded the soundcore app (which must be updated before it will display the B2Plus in its dropdown menu) and have adjusted the EQ and still not impressed.

TLDR: Unless bass is the most important feature in a speaker, pass on this one and buy the Motion Boom Plus and save your money for something nice for your mom.


Bought in november 2021, used indoors occasionally, satisfied by sound and battery autonomy, but very suddenly this spring 2024 started to rip apart, first the left and then a couple of weeks later the right :(


5stars, this unit booms out the gmc safari work van. Everyone breaks their necks looking. 10of10 would recommend.
I got it as a gift from my mom for father's day! Blown away! Hella mids, highs and niceeeee bass note!! Well done #soundcore!


O fone tem uma qualidade sonora fantástica, especialmente quando o acesso acontece pelo smartphone. Infelizmente, pelo PC, a qualidade sonora deixa de ser tão boa, já que não existe uma versão do app disponível para controle das frequências no Windows.

Liberty 4

Los tengo hace más de un año hasta la fecha funciona sin problemas, siempre se los muestro a mis amigos y les terminan llamando la atención, nada que decir me gustan sus productos, espero con ansias los próximos Liberty 5 Saludos desde chile....🇨🇱

Motion 300 | Portable Bluetooth Speaker Asghari
Good speaker but…


This is a good speaker but when testing the bass to its maximum at louder volumes you notice the speaker has distortion, as if the bass is not tight. Can the distortion be corrected/fixed?

Alan Ross reviews (from YouTube) also says this speaker has distortion.

Here are 2 videos on YouTube from Alan Ross regarding the motion 300 distortion:

Here’s a second video about the motion 300 distortion:

Thank You!


I bought them in the summer of 2022. I like the Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro, but physical buttons are not my favorite. I bought them for vacation, but they have such a quality sound, I didn't expect for the price. I wanted them in black, but the white ones were cheaper.


The design is OK, the build quality is not so good, the sound is wonderful - especially the base!


It's all about the sound about this speaker I can say. And the Soundcore Motion + sounds wonderful, the app is good. I don't use the base boost mode, but a V shaped EQ.
But the design is not so good, especially in all black.

POOR : Blocking Efficacy & Sound Quality

Now keep in mind, I may be bias. While writing this review, I used to have a pair of bows sleep Bud. 2 for a couple years and they were excellent with a well-functioning app and excellent passive noise blocking. They were much smaller sleeker, more comfortable, but also a lot more expensive.. I suppose if you had nothing to compare as quality sleep buds went, these may be decent buds. The the noise blocking quality is extremely poor I can hear almost everything through them. The type of. Sound that is available as far as white noise as very limited and extremely cheap sounding. I didn't even use them the whole night because the sound of the rain in the white noise app was very tin. And hype and concentrating. Making it extremely uncomfortable to listen to you also would need to turn the sound up, very loud to be able to block out any sounds such as a snoring partner or dog barking next door. This is one of those products where you don't get what you pay for even though it is close to $100, maybe even more at some vendors. This product is in the 40 to $50 range. In my opinion and could easily be sold on a crap app like TEMU. Again. I may be biased because I have a lot of experience with the Bo's sleep Bud IIs. I imagine if you had absolutely nothing. And these were your only option for a sleep Bud. It could be considered a 3 star review. But again, the comfort was a huge factor as these are extremely wide.Flat sleep buds and not comfortable in my ear canals with any of the custom tips. The case is actually the best part of this product which seems to be well constructed and has a nice weight to it.

Nice product

It sounds good and the battery is insane

Space One | Active Noise Cancelling Headphones
kousic janarthanan
Unsatisfactory Experience with Space one Headphone Return Process

# Ordered Space one Headphone. Didn't fit well, headband and adjustable arm not strong enough. Falls off during gym workouts. Initiated return process within a day of receiving the order. Contacted via email for return procedure, was told refund process initiated. However, haven't received refund yet. Lack of trust in the 30-day return guarantee as refund hasn't been received. Attempts to reach out via phone and email unsuccessful, no response.

It starts great ,but then gets worse sadly : (

I'm pretty disappointed in these headphones. Ive been looking for a good inexpensive pair of headphones for a pretty long time on Amazon. And I found these for my birthday gift. But the first mistake was the little shiny bar that held the headphone's head belt broke in half. I taped it but it occasionally falls off sometimes. Then the noise cancellation got weaker. It also started making short pitch glitching sounds at some times. Then the adjusting bar fell off, I couldn't help that. And then the whole left side just fell off. I taped it but it'll fall off sometimes. Then for last, which made me come here, the whole left side headphone where your eas go fell off. Mind you its been a year since i had these.

Boom 2 | Portable Bluetooth Speaker for Bass Asghari
Soundcore Boom 2 Questions

I do not own this speaker but I am just curious on how this speaker would compare against the JBL Boom Box 3

soundcore 2
Nice compact speaker

Nice compact and reasonably priced speaker. Two mid range and tweeter speakers, plus a bass center speaker powered with 12 watts, really upgrades the sound quality of my cell phone speaker. Installed battery charges rapidly and lasts me all day at work. I highly recommend this speaker.

Excelente sonido

Muy buenos a buen precio buena durabilidad de cargo

Space One | Active Noise Cancelling Headphones
Great Alternative to other Costly Headsets

After several months of using the Space One, Active Noise Cancelling Headphones, I can honestly say that this was an excellent buy! I dropped my Beats merely two feet from my desk and one side stopped working. I had those headsets for years and never dropped them. One fall was all it took. Looking for an alternative, I did my research and found these. The color was quite different and I took a chance. I love it! The sound however is the selling point here. Can't really review "sound" as it's really subjective. What makes these really stand out is the app. Download it for your iphone or Android phone and you have a suite of options, from noise cancellation to even a built-in EQ. The best thing? the price!

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