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Soundcore 3
Gilmer Carrow
Used on a Honda Ruckus.

Nothing compared to it for 50$ Last for hours on high volume. If you're looking for the loudest and longest lasting for around 50$ nothing can touch it. Love in it on my Honda Ruckus.

Life Q20
Good quality but don't last very long

I loved this product when I first got it! I am someone who needs durable headphones and goes through them like clothes. I am very picky with headphones, these are a little heavy but that is to be expected. They are great with the noise-canceling quality. I was very skeptical at first, but soundcore really follows through. I do want to express a few concerns though, such as head adjustment. just recently I was taking off my headphone and the head cushion and the metal track that helps it adjust completely separated from each other. I tried to put it back on track so I could use it for the time being, and it served its purpose as best as it could. One last thing at the end of its life, it started to do something weird with the sound. I was listening to music and it sounded as if the right side of my headphone was making an abnormal fast pulsing noise upon pressure. This was over the course of a year.

Life A2 NC
A1 Sauce

Best earbuds I've had in years honestly nothing can compare...I literally just went to Walmart an bought them at the same time while in Walmart I also ordered the liberty air 2 headphones which should arrive next week around Thursday or Friday lol I just had to have both...Only if I would have known about this website.So I created a profile an now I can go straight to the source love your product...I also was wounding if you guy make any type of protective case to go around my charging case I need to protect earbuds at all cost...

Life Q10
SoundCore Life 10 Headset the first of the lifeQ brand

The life q10s don’t need “NC” ability the sound quality and Bass up Tech are so loud and intense you can’t hear anything except whatever music or movie you happen to be streaming at the time . I wouldn’t bother trying the 20s or 30s after watching reviews. Maybe the Q35s the latest. But the life Q 10s with the bass up button on gives you an unforgettable experience, with full charge I get hours of listening , unlike the ear buds (Liberty 3 pros) which if you have any other “passed Gen” you should upgrade immediately. But these Q10 bt /Aux headphones there’s no reason to upgrade at all especially at 43$. They’re the best 40$ head phones. I’ve ever had. I’d suggest anyone one looking to buy a product from the -life Q line start with the Q10s I don’t believe you’ll want anymore capabilities from your choice.

Motion Boom
Motion boom jams

All I can say is it jams

Life Q30
Julia Putzke
Yaas! Absolutely love these!

I’ve loved anker (Soundcore) earbuds/speakers for a quite a few years. I wanted something that was noise canceling for awhile but never thought to look at Soundcore because of price. I’m so glad I took a chance and said yes. I read reviews and saw the color and debated a few minutes before saying yes. I loved they came the next day. The headphones were fully charged, packed in a pink case, along with the cords in a separate pouch. I’ve had them maybe two weeks and they are still at medium volume. If you are looking for noise canceling, I would definitely recommend these! They also come with three modes which are nice as well.

Liberty Air 2
Diamond Abrams
Simply Perfect!

Liberty Air 2 is insanely impressive for its price, the noise cancelling works great and they are the perfect volume. Additionally, the packaging was very pretty and it was extremely thoughtful to add different sizes of ear buds!

Life Q30
There is not a story better told of the headphones in black and gold.

i recently owned the beats studio 3 and they snapped and I put tape on them and the earcups lost the material on both earcups. I was looking for replacement headphones and the lifeQ20 showed up and i was close to buying those till i ran across the Q30`s and i love them the Anc works well and the other modes work well also. If i would change anything its probably the size or style of the earcups to look more stylish yet they are very comfortable I've fallen asleep with them on and I've been using them everyday. type c charging is a nice added feature.

Life Q20
Vasantha Kolongahapitiya
Soundcore Life Q20

Very high quality sound. I am highly comfortable with this Headset. I love it.

Life P3
very good

It is one of the best wireless earbuds, even better than airpods. aside from being easily scratched, it is VERY stable and reduces noise when you put them on. Very comforable too. Definatly recommend!

Life A1
Awesome Life A1

Whoa! Just Whoa! These are probably the best budget earbuds- I have never enjoyed my runs like I do with these- awesome!

Life Q30
Great sound quality, nice pink color

I previously owned the Mpow 059 headphones. I wanted to upgrade to a model with ANC, so I decided to go with the Anker Soundcore Q30 headphones in Sakura Pink.

Sound quality is a great improvement over the Mpow 059, and the ANC really works. The pink color is also nice. I mainly listen to smooth jazz. I also use my headphones to watch movies on my tablet while traveling. I highly recommend these headphones.

Life Q30
Great sound quality, nice pink color

I previously owned the Mpow 059 headphones. I wanted to upgrade to a model with ANC, so I decided to go with the Anker Soundcore Q30 headphones in Sakura Pink.

Sound quality is a great improvement over the Mpow 059, and the ANC really works. The pink color is also nice. I mainly listen to smooth jazz. I also use my headphones to watch movies on my tablet while traveling. I highly recommend these headphones.

Flare 2

Wow wow wow! Sound quality is perfect, bass is incredible too. If you not looking to buy an overpriced speaker I advice you go for this! Even better than some overpriced speakers. So happy with my purchase🙌🏾.

Okay...Now I am happy!

I just got these in the mail today March 30th 2022. I am currently wearing these while I write. In short, I am very satisfied with these.

Great sound, incredibly comfortable, and I can use either earbud individually with a simple pairing and switching process. I also love the different quick choose sound profiles in the EQ. I am very happy with the charge case because the earbuds snap right in the charge spot and start charging instantly. The operation button is on top and very easy to click, but not so easy that you accidentally push it in. I'm glad that its a click button and not touch.

I recently bought a pair of Anker's lower models for about $55. I really wanted to like them because they had good sound, but they were very uncomfortable. Right now I am super happy that I returned them. I just purchased these Liberty 2 Pro Upgraded Version on sale for $69 from Anker Direct store through Amazon. These are SO WORTH that price and more. I almost feel like I'm stealing, 😆.

Calvin Minor
5 stars

Once I get another pair (Blue preferably) I will be set. It's by far the most impressive Bluetooth Speaker I've ever owned, and it literally matches the volume and bass of my old JBL Xtreme 1 40 watt speaker and the sound is more refined at the highs and midrange when either playing smooth jazz or drill rap, and that says a lot.

Soundcore Life Note E True-Wireless Earbuds

I bought these sweet little pieces of ear candy at Target on sale for 24 bucks and was pleasantly blown away buy the awesome audio experience that my ears were treated to. They fit perfectly and are so light you forget they're even in your ears. Great quality, excellent battery life and IPX5 water resistant too. I might have to try out some other soundcore products now. If your curious about em just buy em. You'll be happy you did.

Liberty Air 2 Pro
Charles Baird
Life Q30

As someone who has had severe hearing loss, it goes without saying that I have a hard time with hearing. Shopping locally wasn't an option living in such a small community. I spent Hours (literally) watching YouTube reviews on different over the ear headphones. I had a budget of $150 CAD.

Many of my searches brought me to Soundcore. More specifically the "Life Q30". I found a link on Amazon for $109 plus shipping, I sent it to my wife who not only had found free shipping but an additional $10 off! SCORE! $115 to my door. 9/10

After a short charge they were easy to Bluetooth pair. 9/10 on ease for Bluetooth pairing. I have still to figure out the "easy NFC quick pairing 3/10".

Listening to my wide ranges in Genre was amazing with the first use. I figured out the Noise canceling easily 10/10. The on headphones volume gets a 6/10 ( very loud plastic click at the press of any of the buttons on the headphones). The location of buttons on the right ear cup work well for thumb operation. As well as the "touch" for changing between Noise Canceling modes.

Back to my hearing. Left ear is at about an 85% hearing loss. Right is maybe 7-10% loss. I am able to adjust balance for an "optimal" sound that I even find turning the volume down, not for sound distortion, but just because the over all high volume.

Until you have had hearing loss like I have, you might not understand how grateful I am to have found a great affordable sounding headphone.

The "Transparency" mode without music is actually great compared to what I'm use to. I actually hear more from my bad side while using the Transparency mode. It's great!. The audio is digital, it reminds me a little of how a hearing aid would sound (similar).

One of the biggest benefits of the headphones is I can pair them with my TV, as my wife watches at a lower volume that I can't hear on the TV, I can pair the Q30's at the same time! We both get the volume we need! I NO LONGER HAVE TO HAVE THE TV SCREAMING FOR ME TO HEAR IT!!!

Oh!!! Almost forgot. The Bass ......... WOW! ABSOLUTELY Incredible!

Thank you Soundcore!!!

The Absolute best Bluetooth earphones I've ever heard

For the last couple of years I've given up on Bluetooth since going back to audiophile earphone and headphones. Bluetooth just was never going to reach levels I've come to hear with this equipment and so I decided to leave it alone until today. Finally a Bluetooth device that works and can at least sound somewhat close to audiophile equipment. The battery life also helps me deal with the wireless world better because I hated their battery life. The highs are amazing, the bass is very powerful and fast...never bloated or overpowering (at least not on my custom eq). Then they killed the the software and control options, finally allowing me to have my own function. Then...most importantly... their venting system. It gives me the perfect fit without ear pressure or headaches that most earphone are known for. So far ...these earphones are outstanding and possibly the best Bluetooth ever made. I definitely will be using them on the go when I don't want my wired audiophile earphones.

Life Q20
Lee Misiak

These never worked from the moment they were delivered. Customer service was awful as well. These were a gift from my corporate office. When they didn't work I instantly contacted Soundcore and explained the situation. I sent pictures showing that they were obviously never used with the clear protective plastic still covering the headphones. I also included pictures of the serial number. All I asked for was an exchange. Their solution was that I should go to corporate and ask them for the receipt. I explained that this was not an option. Our company buys these by the thousands and distributes these as gifts for a job well done. I just wanted an exchange for obviously brand new headphones. They have refused. I will never purchase anything from Soundcore nor will anyone I know. I will also let our corporate know what type of company they have aligned themselves with.

Woah these are the real deal

I’ve spend hundreds upon hundreds on wirless earbuds. including the Sony WF-1000XM4’s i know horrible name but those are basically known as the best true wireless earbuds on the market. I got these Liberty Pro 3’s today, my first ever soundcore product. And oh my god once i set everything up in the app these earbuds blew me away. No joke i think i’ll be wearing these before any earbud. The dual driver system on these just really shows it self in every aspect. The mids, highs, and don’t get me started on bass. Just buy them the price sets other earbuds to shame when it comes to comparison there. Really impressed with these keep it up soundcore.

Life P2 Mini
John Gonzales
Life Note C Added stabilizers for more secure fit

I added Backbeat Go 2 stabilizers for a more secure fit. They already sounded great and didn't think they could sound any better but now I think they do a little. The fit and sound is amazing even when very active.

Life Q30
Alistair Mhonde
Best sound quality I've had so far

They are the best sound quality I've heard so far.

Life Q20
Excellent for the price

Good sound, good quality, very nice buttons, good battery life. I compared it with JBL live 500 (bad buttons, good sound, too tight for my big head) and cheep Zihnic (all bad, except price). So if you do not want to spent 200$ for headphones, but you want good staff then this item is the best choice.

Liberty 3 Pro
Perfect sound quality but interrupts

The sound quality during phone calls are perfect. My mother has some hearing problems. When I call her from my cell phone (iPhone 13pro max) she has difficulty hearing me 80% and never even able to use other headphones. But with Soundcore she hears every word I say with a normal volume.
The only feature needs to be updated is the connection as it interrupts /pause videos for a second when I watch especially on my computer, every 30 sec and also on the phone but less frequently.
Music sound is great and happy with noise cancellation, not 100% but you don’t hear a running water for example. Of course age and normal hearing functions play a role.
I was going to return for the interruption but keeping it for mic quality during phone calls. I will try to reach out to technical service if it can be improved.
Battery life is great as well as described. The ccgarger case fills the headphones 3full 8 hours as I watch a lot of videos for my studies.

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