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Nice product

It sounds good and the battery is insane

Boom 2 | Portable Bluetooth Speaker for Bass Asghari
Soundcore Boom 2 Questions

I do not own this speaker but I am just curious on how this speaker would compare against the JBL Boom Box 3

Greatest sound quality every

Holy smokes, this speaker packs a punch! I have the Souncore Motion Boom Plus, and the Boom 2 has almost the same amount of bass, and this small speaker compared to the boom plus has almost same volume level too! At full volume and bass, you can hear the clear high pitches of songs you play, while maintaining clear, deep booming bass. And love the lights on the side. The passive radiators are more flexible than the motion boom plus, which gives it a deeper range of bass. Guys, it’s only 129.99 dollars. That’s a steal.

The best headphones I've owned by far!

I had high expectations for these before getting them, but I felt some skepticism due to some critical opinions they have had by time I was about to own them. Using them for the first time, first impressions were very good. The experience was better than expected. First of all, they look better in person, they have a sleek profile no matter what angle you look at them; at some angles it has sort of a unique, retro-futuristic look which I really like.
If you pit them next to premium headphones and don't know the brand, you'll have a hard time knowing that this is the "budget headphone". This is due to the overall seamless design combined with the leatherette headband, following the trend from current flagship headphones. When I put them on at first, I had a feeling of pressure in my ears, like I was wearing in-ear headphones; I got used to it quickly.

All features within the app that controls the Space One work really well with a intuitive, user-friendly design. The features don't feel like a gimmick at all, especially the Easy Chat feature, which has an instantaneous response when tapping the left earcup or talking, and the Wearing Detection; this pair is the first one I know of that allows you to calibrate it, and it's necessary before using it.

They sound better than I expected, the overall sound presentation is energetic meaning they have an enphasis on bass (without ANC or Transparency mode the bass is deeper but with either of them on the overall bass is stronger and brings a bit more low-mid presence at the cost of the bare fullness from vocals and instruments), and emphasis on the highs.
The emphasis on the former sacrifices the presence in the lower mid range meaning there's an absence of enveloping richness you get from voices and instruments, helping to create sort of an illusion of a speaker in front of you. Despite that, there's still a sense of space (laterally, there's barely any depth due to what I pointed out previously) in the music meaning it doesn't sound congested or trapped in your ears and the sound cues from the tracks are distinguished enough to create an immersive experience to the casual listener.
I created an EQ to make them sound as neutral as possible within hardware limitation; it significantly improves the sound quality and gets really close to the Harman Target Curve (except for the sub-bass region and some of the treble. On the flip side they add some character to the overall sound quality since they improve presence and bass notes, which add to the immersion factor. Also, it dramatically improves the depth of the soundstage which improves imaging as well, the ability to discern sound cues in the track).

They are very comfortable and really reduce ambient sounds when I wear them on the bus or I'm in a place with a lot of people talking at once. Transparency mode works better than I expected, and I found that Easy Chat mode really amplifies the sounds around me. I also found that I get the best experience by placing the headband close to the back of my head, and the further away it is from my ears, the less adequate my perception of the sound quality and performance of the ambient modes would be. This is because the driver is 10mm smaller than the previous headphone (40mm) and the cavity is more spacious. Also the bump in the middle of the driver helps with the treble performance to balance the frequency response.

I noticed that when using them for the first time the battery lasted less than what Soundcore promised, but when charging and discharging them the first few times the battery performs closer to what they say.

The headphones feel nice and sturdy in the hands but the hinges are kind of flimsy. The left one broke after about four months. This was disappointing as I wanted them to last like the previous headphones and even longer due to their Soundcore app support and other future-proof features like Bluetooth 5.3 and LDAC codec; but it still works so it was taken to a repair shop and they put a screw in the end of the headband and taped it to keep the hinge in place, as shown in the picture down below. I have to expand the right hinge all the way to get the best seal possible. A bit of noise can come through as it's almost airtight, but the difference is gone when listening to music.
I assume by the time you (the consumer) are reading this, they seem to have corrected the hinge snapping issue, and I can prove it because my older brother bought it a month and a half after trying my pair and loving them and the hinges on his pair feel more sturdy with a tighter tolerance when grabbing by the headband. By that reason I'll keep it in 5 stars.

Sport x 10

I lost my left side earbuds. How can I purchase

soundcore 1
This thing is awesome!

I've had it for almost 5 years, it's been left outside numerous times and rained on about 4 times and it still works! Definitely worth the buy.

Nice sound!

This is a nice compact speaker and has great sound. Anker makes great products and this one is too. My 10yr old son uses this one and it has withstood him being rough with it. Great speaker & great price.

This speaker is the best

I need someone from the company to reach out to me so i can expain what my speaker has gone thru and just to add on works like brand new, its absolutly amazing

Excelente cargador híbrido!!

Me encanta!! Ya encargaré el segundo porque el primero ya me lo quitaron� ya no tienes que cargar el cubo para cargarlo y aparte una batería portatil, ya es todo en uno, dura mucho la bateria cargo mi iPhone 15 pro max varias veces!

soundcore 1
Teddy Marcantel
Great sound for a small speaker

I love this little speaker, has a great sound for any genre of music you prefer. Highly recommend it if you're looking for a small but quality speaker.

So good but so not

The sound for these is not bad. However the noise canceling only works unless they are Bluetooth. Also they come with some weird Manufacture breaks. At first I thought it was me as by the eat piece it broken upon getting the second pair it happened again in the same place. I tryed on more time thinking it wa my error and this time the earmuffs part even came off. If it wasn't for thr sound I would not have even tryed again.the thing is I keep my in their box so for them to brake while handing is disappointing.

The absolute best headphones I’ve owned!

Now, I’ve owned both the Samsung buds pro and the Samsung buds2 pro. Both are very high quality premium earbuds. The Buds2 are the best earbuds I’ve owned until right now. The p40i sound quality is just as good, if not better than the buds2. The ambient noise are better on these. The noise cancelation is just as good if not better on these. These alos fit in my ears better and are possibly even more comfortable. There is absolutely no reason to get premium buds when something like these exist for only 70$. Although the p40i have better sound quality, I also have the p20i soundcore buds and the sound quality on those is also pretty killer for only 25$!!! For those reasons, I’m turning to soundcore for all my headphone and earbud needs.

BEST Noise Cancellation

I put these on and I don’t hear ANYTHING. I sat through tornado sirens because I couldn’t hear them!

Está bueno

Lo que no me gusta es que el sonido no se apaga en forma automática

Nice sound but needs better pricing

Using this as it was intended - a portable blu-tooth speaker. Good product although I would not have chosen it without the $50 couponNice feature list: Good sound, easily portable, effortless blu-tooth sync, spacial audio, App equalizer

Space Q45 Bluetooth Headphone
David Hovhannisyan
Amazing value for money!

Great headphones. The sounds quality is very good, they are super comfortable and overall amazing value for money!

soundcore 1
Katie Childers
Great sound. Sturdy feel. Easy set up!

This is a great little speaker for the money. Packaged well and it comes with well defined instructions. Seems like a quality product.

Amazing noise canceling

Excellent noise cancelation power, can change to transparency mode at the touch of the hand to stay aware of your surroundings or hearing people. Vert comfortable to wear. Battery lasts a long time between charges. The app for it works great as well.

Battery updates are a NIgtmare !!!

Some genius decided that it would be a good idea to have these headphones constantly blasting battery percentage updates into your ears with no option to turn the feature off. I put them on and try to relax and before you know it, it's screaming a battery percentage update into my ears. even worse if I doze off, the battery percentage update goes off, yelling "Battery Low" or Battery medium or even when its fully charged, "Battery high" over and over and over again. Extremely irritating. It is impossible to relax with these headphones. The battery updates are so LOUD!!! It scares the hell out of me every damn time and really horrifying if you fall asleep and the update goes off. Then there is the constant anxiety of when these damn things are going to scream another battery update at me. I hate these things. Never Ever buying Soundcore again.

Can't charge

Why does it not come with complete charging cords? Can't charge if I can't plug it into the wall. Tired of companies not including everything to be able to charge!! Disappointed!!

I ALMOST sent these back

When I bought these vr earbuds, I was super excited, until I connected then to my vr via buetooth. I was so ready to send these back because the latency. However, once I figured how to connect them to my vr, (and not thru bluetooth in the vr) everything connected perfectly. I love these earbuds. They are excellent for game play and I love that u can connect them to your phone while connected to the vr.

Brillian open-earphones (no noise cancellation)

Amazing Open-Ear headphones in terms of sound quality and features vs price. They can get a bit uncomfortable due to the large battery. But the charge tradeoff is worth it.

Buen producto

De acuerdo a lo que ofrecen, vale la pena el producto; me encuentro satisfecho con la compra.

Nice little speaker

I found this speaker forgotten on a Portland Streetcar in 2018, took it home, gave it a bath and adopted it.It has been my all-purpose workhorse speaker since then. I think the battery is finally going out now that it's been 6 years, but it's been a good run.It has been reliable, the sound quality is good for how small it is, it is very light and portable, and holds a decent charge.The biggest plus though, is you can draw a W on it and chuckle like an immature imbecile every time you see it.

Anker. Always solid.

I have had and owned so many great ear buds and headphones over the years from Sony, Bose, M&D, Sennheiser, and everyone in between. Anker has always been my go to budget brand for peripherals and occasionally buds and cans. I owned the Q35's and loved them. My last Sony cans were appropriated on a divorce. Long story, but for another day. I had a recent business trip to Hawaii and was bringing a date so I gave her my Q35's and bought these, thinking that 9 hours of use would be better served with cans instead of in ear buds. I was so right. Like the 35's, these are not nearly as good as their big name competitors, but they are still really good and are a five star value overallIn terms of sound, these are really good. You can stream LDAC with the right device, but even without, these are very good. Lots of bass with good separation from the mids and highs. Not world class but you will like listening to these. The noise cancelling these do is really good. They wipe out plane noise and all but the most sudden noises. The battery life is awesome. You can expect over 45 hours no matter how loud you go. They are comfortable for long periods as well. Plus, big bonus over the 35's, call quality is as good or better than anything I have ever used including Sony and Bose. These just generally do everything above average or better.If you have the money to drop on the latest Sony or Bose cans, do it. They are better and worth the upgrade. However, most folks will love these and never miss the better options for the money. Anker Sound core is a great company that makes great things for a fair price. The Q35's are no exception. Buy with complete confidence.